Cryptocurrency advocates have been recently discussing the mysterious Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto as RSK’s chief scientist, Sergio Demian Lerner, published a paper called “The Patoshi Mining Machine.” Essentially, Lerner simulated Satoshi’s mining experience. The findings estimate that Bitcoin’s creator used a single computer to mine an estimated 1 million bitcoin minted in the early days.

Sergio Demian Lerner is well known for publishing one of the first estimates backed by technical data in 2013 concerning Satoshi Nakamoto’s alleged stash of bitcoin.

During the last seven years, Lerner has published a few more papers about this subject and it is estimated that Satosh ... Read more »

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A look at the difference between halving cycle highs, lows and halving prices delivers huge BTC price targets which their creator cautions are “hopium.

Bitcoin (BTC) needs to hit $340,000 just to match its performance from its last halving cycle, data shows.

In a Twitter series on Aug. 20, popular statistics resource ChartsBTC noted that Bitcoin still has huge room for growth at current levels of $11,700.

Halving multiples give up to $1.6 million BTC price

Comparing lows, highs and halving prices from its two previous halving cycles, ChartsBTC put the difference between peaks at 36x for the 2012 cycle and 17x for the 2016 cycle.

In order to repeat even the more modest cyc ... Read more »

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Minergate is designed to mine cryptocurrency using the resources of your computer.

Minergate is designed to mine cryptocurrency using the resources of your computer
Image Of minergate miner

Minergate is an online cryptocurrency miner that allows you to mine bitcoin, Monero and other virtual money. However, security providers detect this as dangerous SOFTWARE because it can log in without user permission and use computer resources (CPU) for mining.

The so-called Minergate virus can work like a Trojan horse. So it can pretend to be a useful program. For this reason, users are often tricked into installing them without suspecting anything wrong. However, security experts often remind you to stay away from dubious download sources to avoid malware.

In addition, the Minergate threat can be promoted in software packages and get into the system when the user incorrectly installs free SOFTWARE. Once inside, it can make changes to the system to run the ... Read more »

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Categories of cloud mining

Hosted Mining: rent a machine provided by a cloud mining provider. You will have physical equipment.
Virtual Hosted Mining: Your own virtual private server with mining software installed.
Leased hashing power: allocate a portion of the company's hashing power without the need for a physical or virtual machine. (This is the most popular method of cloud mining).

To avoid fraud

The cryptocurrency sphere is filled with scammers. Almost every day, headlines highlight the latest ICO scams, where scammers have used ICOS as a front to raise money for a fake company and then run away with all the money. The case is no different for mining, pool mining and clo ... Read more »

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State Street, one of the world's largest Depository banks, holding more than $ 30 trillion, or more than 10% of the world's total assets, is gearing up for blockchain, the hyped record-keeping technology known for Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency ,

"We're seeing assets start to be digitized," says Jay Biancamano, head of digital assets and blockchain at state street capital markets. "Trickle, trickle, trickle - and then we believe there will be a flood."

... Read more »

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