The removal of the virus Minergate.

Minergate is designed to mine cryptocurrency using the resources of your computer.

Minergate is designed to mine cryptocurrency using the resources of your computer
Image Of minergate miner

Minergate is an online cryptocurrency miner that allows you to mine bitcoin, Monero and other virtual money. However, security providers detect this as dangerous SOFTWARE because it can log in without user permission and use computer resources (CPU) for mining.

The so-called Minergate virus can work like a Trojan horse. So it can pretend to be a useful program. For this reason, users are often tricked into installing them without suspecting anything wrong. However, security experts often remind you to stay away from dubious download sources to avoid malware.

In addition, the Minergate threat can be promoted in software packages and get into the system when the user incorrectly installs free SOFTWARE. Once inside, it can make changes to the system to run the parasite when the computer is turned on. Therefore, when the user turns on the infected computer and connects to the Internet, the threat begins to illegally mine money.

The biggest problem with miners is overuse of the computer processor. As a result, the system becomes sluggish. Victims may have to deal with slowdowns or program crashes. Moreover, the penetration of Minergate can cause overheating, so that the computer can be physically damaged.

As you may have already realized, the main signs that a mining program has been installed on your computer are:

computer performance degradation;
system slowdown;
inability to open or run specific software;
the appearance of processes in the task Manager that use high processor speed.
If you notice these symptoms, you should run a full system scan with a reliable antivirus software to remove Minergate from your device. We recommend using Reimage. However, feel free to use any other reliable antivirus or antispyware programs.

However, if you are thinking of manually removing Minergate, we would like to dissuade you from doing so. Miners are hard to detect and it is very difficult to remove them completely without software. In addition, attempts to remove these components manually can damage the system.

Miner penetration
Minergate has an official website. However, malicious people tend to use it and can distribute confusing versions of programs there in freeware or shareware packages. In this case, criminals can easily trick inattentive computer users into downloading the threat-miner.

Therefore, you should be careful when downloading free programs from the Internet. Security specialists from avirus.hu offer the following simple tips to avoid malware:

choose legitimate sources for free download;
use Optional / Custom installation instead of Fast / Recommended;
read the privacy policy, license agreement and other documents;
reject the "optional downloads" setting by deselecting the preselected checkboxes.
We want to remind you that the popular Quick / recommended install does not disclose about third-party applications. So when you select them, you grant indirect permissions to all additional applications to get into the system. Thus, the desire for the installation of programs can cause problems.

Eliminating Minergate
We strongly recommend that you choose to automatically uninstall Minergate using Reimage, SpyHunter 5, or Malwarebytes. These programs can quickly identify and remove all malicious components from the system. If you try to manually find the records associated with the miner, you may lose the crash.

However, if you have problems with automatic Troubleshooting, such as not being able to download security software or run a system scan, follow the guide below. Such cyber threats can interfere with the use of anti-virus or malware. Therefore, you may need to take additional steps to remove Minergate.

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