Smart Mining - Due to the fact of these, we also have updated pricing.

New blocks of capacities with code numbers A920A921, and B614 have been activated.

Due to the fact of these, we also have updated pricing.

From today, all packages have an enormous sale of 50%75% and even 85% on some packages.

Danger!!! SCAM

Be the first to experience new pricing.

Danger!!! SCAM


The idea of smart-mining came after a crisis wave in the mining industry. A team of enthusiasts got interested in a large number of offers at a highly competitive price in the mining facilities rental market.

Having studied and selected objects suitable for us, we made long-term contracts with several large lessees in different regions and countries.

After acquisition of mining facilities we needed professional engineers to set up and maintain all the equipment. We managed to find such professionals for our team. Presently, the equipment is fully functional and operates at full load.

At this stage, our analysts, financial department and marketing department developed smart contracts, providing terms highly beneficial for our users. The main priority for Smart-mining team is to create the most convenient easy-to-use and profitable product for its partners and users.

Danger!!! SCAM


Smart-mining is the best option available to individuals who want to mine bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is a very complex process. We cannot but rejoice at the fact that our partners and we have done all the difficult work for you. Just choose your plan, pay for it and collect the newly created bitcoins. Our partners use the best equipment manufacturers and world-class data centers to provide you with good results. Your mining will begin immediately after completing a few simple steps. Service Smart-mining is easy to use. It is intuitive and provides first-class customer support for your mining needs. We work with all equipment and infrastructure while you are focused on mining. With Smart-mining you don’t need to worry about equipment, maintenance, power outages and even bad weather. We do everything for you so that you can focus on mining. In the event of a data center failure, we will compensate you for bitcoin lost time. We believe that the essence of mining is to increase the contribution to the development of the Blockchain technology supporting Bitcoin. We want to provide you with an attractive market price for hashing capacity. We try to avoid foreign exchange markets, so stock market traders do not increase prices for your hashing power. Working with us, you sublease a small part of the world's largest mining data processing centers.

Danger!!! SCAM


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1 boss   [Entry]
An this project, we managed to acquire a capacity of 5 TH / s, for only $ 9 !!!

True, not for long, just ad month.

According to the results of the week, the overall balance of the project is as follows.

I can plan the withdrawal of funds.)

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