Bitcoin price yesterday tanked by 10% and this week alone fell 17% from high to low. The 24-hour collapse not only cut down valuations across crypto but it also immediately turned sentiment from extreme greed, to fear.

With three days left until the weekly close, and the market suddenly frightened, are things about to turn around over the Labor Day weekend?

24 Hour Crypto Market Collapse Sends Sentiment From Extreme Greed To Fear In A Flash

Because the crypto market is comprised of a wide range of investor types, and asset valuations are based on speculation primarily, the market is susceptible to fast and violent price movements. This volatility has made Bitcoin and other altcoins especia ... Read more »

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It has been a rough past few days for Bitcoin, with the benchmark digital asset erasing virtually all of the gains that came about as a result of its strong uptrend seen throughout the past several days and weeks.

The cryptocurrency has mostly been consolidating for the past couple of months, with buyers ardently defending $11,000 while bears stopped it from breaking above $12,000.

The latest rejection it posted within the lower-$12,000 region happened just a few days ago and was the event that first caused the market to begin drifting lower.

Ultimately, it fell as low as $9,990 before it was able to find some significant buying pressure, which subsequently allowed it to rebound up towards $10,700.

It has been ... Read more »

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After reaching a point of extreme greed, the crypto market in a flash turned to fear. But investors shouldn’t panic––according to stock market analysts, the recent crash was normal profit-taking and portfolio rebalancing.

Could that also be the case with crypto, and the market will soon recover after what is a normal and healthy correction?

Is The Current Market Correction Healthy, Or A Sign Of A Deeper Drop Developing?

Across all markets this week, there’s been a massive selloff across the board. Among the hardest hit, were overvalued tech stocks and cryptocurrencies. The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 also slid, but nowhere near as violently.

Market sentime ... Read more »

Category: News | Views: 29 | Added by: danyagames2007 | Date: 05.09.2020 | Comments (0) (YFI) remains in an advantageous position despite its strong correction from local highs, analysts say.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top digital assets, YFI has faced a strong retracement over recent days as legacy markets have been crushed by a rising dollar. The decentralized finance coin has been hit especially hard, actually.

Check out the chart below, which shows that the Ethereum-based coin has faced a steep correction over recent days after peaking just shy of $40,000.

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Few expected Bitcoin to be in the position it’s in now just days ago. Just earlier this week, the leading cryptocurrency was riding high, trading above $12,000 as investors thought the rally to new all-time highs had begun. There were reasons to believe this: gold was surging, the U.S. dollar was crashing, increased inflation was hinted at, and altcoins were surging.

But one trader, the whole time, was predicting a strong move lower under $10,000 to $9,755.

With Bitcoin having traded under $10,000 twice in the past few days, he’s been proved almost fully correct.

Here’s what he expects to come next for the cryptocurrency market.

What’s Next for Bitcoin?

< ... Read more »
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A two-sided liquidity marketplace just might be the catalyst that will drive the next wave of digital asset trading growth.

Two-sided marketplaces are more than a smart business model. These platforms can democratize access and promote widespread economic inclusion in previously inaccessible markets. They have worked wonders in myriad verticals already — e.g., stock exchanges — and the world of digital asset liquidity may now be fertile ground for this business model.

Successful new platforms bring together buyers and sellers who would otherwise be unable to connect, creating entirely new value streams for sellers who capture more revenue. Meanwhile, buyers gain access to new capabilities, creating a win-win for ev ... Read more »

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Bitcoin has been facing immense turbulence throughout the past several days, with sellers forcing its price down to lows of $9,900 this morning following yesterday’s ardent defense of the upper-$9,900 region.

It now appears that the cryptocurrency is at risk of seeing further downside in the near-term, as the multiple attempts to shatter its $10,000 support seem to indicate that bears are building momentum.

One analyst is noting that the cryptocurrency’s pivotal price region to watch in the near-term sits at $8,140, which could mean that a decline to this price is imminent in the near-term.

This would coincide closely with the middle of the macro trading range that the cryptocurrency has formed throu ... Read more »

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A new trojan called Krypto Cibule uses infested computers’ power to mine cryptocurrency, steal crypto wallet files, and redirect incoming digital assets to a hacker address. The malware rides on the Tor network and the Bittorrent protocol to perform attacks, according to an extensive report by cybersecurity company, ESET.

“Krypto Cibule is spread through malicious torrents for ZIP files whose contents masquerade as installers for cracked or pirated software and games,” researchers Matthieu Faou and Alexandre Cote Cyr, detailed in their report published September 2.

The malware is mostly active in the Czech Republic and Slovakia where it has been responsible for hundreds of attacks. Most victi ... Read more »

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Bitcoin and ether can be used to pay taxes in the Swiss Canton of Zug starting next tax season. Zug’s crypto valley is home to many cryptocurrency businesses, and by accepting bitcoin and ether for tax payments, the canton aims to “promote and simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

Pay Taxes With Bitcoin

Switzerland’s Canton of Zug announced Thursday that it will start accepting cryptocurrency for tax payments. The Zug Department of Finance is collaborating with local company Bitcoin Suisse to offer tax settlement with cryptocurrencies, starting in the upcoming tax season which begins in February next year. The announcement details:

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Pro traders bullish sentiment softened after Bitcoin futures open interest fell in tandem with traditional markets which also recorded notable losses.

Bitcoin (BTC) futures open interest just had its most extensive daily reduction in five months. Yesterday's 11% drop move caused more liquidations than May 9 when BTC plunged 12.5% to $8,600.

BTC futures open interest in USD terms. Source: Skew

Skew data shows total open interest down by $6 ... Read more »

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Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway cut their position on Wells Fargo as the bet on Barrick Gold and rising inflation fuel the bull case for Bitcoin as well.

Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway substantially cut their position on Wells Fargo, selling 100 million shares. The Oracle of Omaha is continuing to trim his position in bank stocks, buoying the bull case for gold and Bitcoin (BTC).

Berkshire reportedly held $32 billion in equity in Wells Fargo at one point, Fox Business reported on Sep. 5. The investment conglomerate now owns 3.3% in equity of the lender, worth just $3.36 billion.

Why did Buffett cut Wells Fargo and how could it benefit Bitcoin?

Throughout his career, Bu ... Read more »

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