Kraken has identified a decreasing correlation between Bitcoin and the legacy financial markets.

A report published by major U.S.-based crypto exchange Kraken has identified signs the correlation between Bitcoin (BTC), the greenback, and legacy markets, is continuing to weaken.

Kraken’s September volatility report found Bitcoin (BTC) largely maintaining a negative correlation with the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) since May, despite a brief coalescence between the two markets in early September.

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Bitcoin Cash proponents have been recently discussing a new mining entity with a large amount of hashrate joined the network. The merge mining operation called HathorMM currently captures 33% of the Bitcoin Cash hashrate and the miners are al.

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network currently has 2.77 exahash (EH/s) of SHA256 hashrate pointed at the chain and a new mining entity has joined the ranks. On October 11, a few members of the BCH community discussed the mining operation dubbed HathorMM and disclosed the project is a merge-mined network.

At the time of publication, the HathorMM operation commands 33% of today’s BCH hashrate and 22% for the last seven days. The operation on Monday afternoon is currently the largest BCH mining pool in terms of hashrate according to Coin Dance stats.

so mining Bitcoinsv as well.

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The post-BitMEX trading arena is not skewed to selling despite BTC/USD nearing $11,500, CryptoQuant data shows.

A Bitcoin (BTC) sell-off and associated price fall are “not going to happen,” a well-known the CEO of a well-known analytics tool has said.

In a tweet on Oct. 12, Ki Young Ju, CEO of CryptoQuant, noted that average inflows to exchanges were staying low despite BTC price gains.

Ki: Exchange inflows “still in the safe zone”

Ki highlighted CryptoQuant’s mean exchange inflow metric, which remains comfortably within the low-risk area, suggesting a low chance of a sell-off.

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Using weak seed phrases means instant loss of funds on the Bitcoin network.

The concept of a blockchain "dark forest" has been popularized recently by Ethereum and the existence of front-running bots that will copy any profitable transaction pending for submission.

The bots are able to assess if any given transaction that just entered the mempool can be replicated, and they will immediately publish their own copy with a much higher gas fee, which virtually guarantees that they will be the first to claim it. The term "dark forest" is inspired from a sci-fi novel and indicates a place where detection means instant death — or in this case loss of funds.

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