While the ongoing uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and the US Presidential elections could drive stocks down, Opimas CEO predicted that Bitcoin will skyrocket.

Octavio Marenzi, founder and CEO of capital markets consultancy firm Opimas LLC, recently predicted that the current economic situation will shoot Bitcoin’s price “through the roof.”

Simultaneously, he suggested that the traditional financial markets will suffer as the COVID-19 fears grow.

Opimas CEO: Bitcoin Will Shoot Through The Roof

Appearing on RT’s Boom Bust, Marenzi was asked about the current state of the financial world and his prediction by the end of the year. He seemed somewhat cautious in providing precise numbers. Nevertheless, the CEO of Opimas outlined four factors that he believes drive the markets now.

According to Marenzi, those are the growing spread of the coronavirus, the stimulus deal proposed by the US gove ... Read more »

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Bitcoin has been seeing massive inflows of capital from large investors and corporations throughout 2020, which may be what has allowed its price to trade well above where it started the year – despite the turbulence seen in the early months.

There’s a strong possibility that BTC will continue gaining adoption amongst non-retail investors in 2021 as well, with the trend of it being a reserve asset only gaining traction as more companies, funds, and large investors acquire it.

Retail investors are also rapidly turning to Bitcoin to protect against the turbulence and inflation being seen throughout the globe, which is elucidated by the rapidly climbing number of new wallets with sub-1 BTC balances.

The ... Read more »

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Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over the past few months. From the March lows, the cryptocurrency has gained over 200%, rallying from $3,500 to $11,700 now.

While already impressive, the coin is about to form a pivotal buying signal that may suggest more upside is likely. The signal in question last formed when the cryptocurrency was trading

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Bitcoin Forms Pivotal Buying Signal

According to data from Crypto Quant shared by a crypto-asset analyst, Bitcoin is about to form a long-term buying signal. The signal is the Miners Reserve, which tracks the BTC reserves of entities tied t ... Read more »

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The Bitcoin trading dominance has hit a three-year high for the first time since BTC hit its all-time high price of almost $20,000.

The cryptocurrency market has suddenly shifted back to Bitcoin (BTC) after several months of a decentralized finance (DeFi) frenzy. While market cap dominance remains below 60%, earlier this month, the trading dominance of BTC has spiked to levels not seen since 2017 when the price hit an all-time high at $20,000.

The trading dominance of Bitcoin agains ... Read more »

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[SAN FRANCISCO] – Unstoppable Domains, a company building blockchain domain names, in partnership with Chainlink, the most widely used and secure oracle network, today announced the launch of their Twitter authentication service for .crypto addresses. With this new feature, .crypto users can quickly authenticate by connecting to a public social media profile, and verify the address’ ownership through MyEtherWallet (MEW), which is the first platform that integrated the new feature.

The authentication solution is making crypto addresses and payments more user-friendly than ever before”, said Brad Kam, Unstoppable Domains co-founder. “It is the perfect added layer of conve ... Read more »

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DataDash founder Nicholas Merten states that Bitcoin will rise to $30,000 by the end of 2021.
According to other analysts, the current fundamental data points to a further price increase in the coming days.

After the recent correction to $11,200, Bitcoin’s price has been able to attract new investors and rise following the announcement of investigations by security authorities at the OKEx exchange. Within the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has risen 3.01% to a price of $11,797. The market capitalization has increased from $213 billion to $218 billion.

DataDash founder Ni ... Read more »

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The price of Bitcoin is nearing $12,000 once again, which may be the signal for the start of a massive new bull cycle.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) had to hold the crucial support level between $11,100-11,300, and it did. After this support test, the price of BTC continued to surge upward on Oct. 20, reaching the crucial resistance area between $11,900-12,200.

This upward move came along with weakness in the dollar, as the U.S. Dollar Currency Index (DXY) dropped substantially. A correlation that’s been effective throughout 2020 already. 

However, other cryptocurrencies haven’t been following in Bitcoin’s footsteps as altcoins are selling off heavily. Is the attention shifting back to Bitcoin?

... Read more »
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Bitcoin held onto its weekly gains as traders waited for US Congress to agree on the second coronavirus package on Tuesday.

The benchmark cryptocurrency added $67, or 0.5 percent, to trade near $11,827 ahead of the New York opening bell. Likewise, the US stocks inched higher in the pre-trading session, renewing its positive correlation with Bitcoin after the two decoupled briefly on Monday.

Bitcoin did its own thing after the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell opened up about the possibility of launching a digital dollar. Speaking at a panel discussion held by the International Monetary Fund, Mr. Powell noted that the Fed would launch its digital currency after assessing the security and regulatory risks associated with th ... Read more »

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Arbismart Logo
Bitcoin price is up over 2% and it broke the main $11,560 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC is now struggling near $11,800, but it is likely to continue higher.

Bitcoin is gaining momentum, and it broke the $11,500 and $11,560 resistance levels.
The price is currently testing the $11,800 resistance and it is well above the 100 hourly simple moving average.
There is a key contracting triangle forming with resistance near $11,750 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
The pair is likely to accelerate higher above $11,800 as long as it is above the $11,560 support.

Bitcoin Price Gains 2%

Bitcoin price remained stable above the $11,350 and $11, ... Read more »

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On-chain data shows dormant addresses are selling BTC, leading some analysts to make bearish calls on Bitcoin price.

Old hands are selling their Bitcoin (BTC) holdings, according to Glassnode’s Coin Dormancy metric. As shown below, dormant addresses selling BTC marked previous tops in BTC.

Coin dormancy of Bitcoin. Source: Glassnode

On-chain analyst Willy Woo said old hands reliably sold the top until the most recent price cycle. He wrote:
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Wallets once again appear to be accumulating cryptocurrency at an increasing rate.

According to analytics data provider Glassnode, 16,159 Bitcoin wallets now hold 100+ BTC. A report Monday from the company stated that this figure tests the previous six-month high of 16,158, last seen on June 8.

Glassnode additionally shared that the number of non-zero Bitcoin addresses reached an all-time high of 31,913,3555 on Monday; approximately 5,000 of these were recorded within the past 24 hours.

On Oct. 5, Cointelegraph reported that analyst and market cyclist Cole Garner had highlighted a two-year record increase in new BTC addresses within the first week of October.

Using data from Glassnode, Garner deter ... Read more »

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There was a time when Bitcoin seemed to be directly influenced by the daily news cycle.

Blockchain headlines have been awash with negative news tidbits lately. KuCoin suffered a major hack on Sept. 26; two United States regulatory bodies went after BitMEX on Oct. 1; the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA, banned crypto derivatives on Oct. 6; and news came to light that U.S. stimulus payment talks had stalled around Oct 9.

Bitcoin's (BTC) price has appeared largely unfazed, however, despite this array of seemingly unfavorable stories. This could be indicative of upside potential in the coming weeks, according to a report Monday from crypto investment solution company CoinShares. 

"It ... Read more »

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CME data shows Institutions are long Bitcoin while hedge funds are aggressively shorting BTC.

According to CME, the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) long contracts held by institutions are at an all-time high. Yet, CME’s most recent Commitment of Trader report shows hedge funds are at a record-high for BTC shorts.

There seemingly is a major difference in the perception of Bitcoin’s short to medium-term trend between hedge funds and institutions.

CM ... Read more »

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