The recent announcement by Pfizer of a potential Covid-19 vaccine sparked an immediate rally of global stocks worst hit by the pandemic response. The rally helped major indices including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Composite Index and Europe’s Stoxx to go up by approximately 4%.

Bitcoin’s Decoupling

On the other hand, stocks that benefited from lockdown restrictions went down as the vaccine raises hopes for a return to normal life. Still, it appears the same vaccine hopes did not dampen interest in bitcoin, another major beneficiary of lockdown restrictions. In a performance that highlights the digital asset’s decoupling from traditional markets, bitcoin continues to trade ... Read more »

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According to a number of third party infrastructure providers, the Ethereum blockchain suffered an unintended hard fork or chain split on Wednesday. The service providers Infura, Binance, and Blockchair all reported issues with consensus at block height 11,234,873.

The cryptocurrency community has been discussing an unintended chain split that took place on the Ethereum blockchain on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.
Three major third-party service providers Infra, Binance, and Blockchair all reported on the issues with Ethereum at around 5 a.m. (EST).
A number of cryptocurrency community members and Ethereum supporters complained about network issues on Wednesday morning. The issue seems to be minor and resol ... Read more »

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After a strong drop earlier this week as the U.S. Dollar bounced, Bitcoin has returned to an uptrend. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades for $15,930, $40 below the year-to-date highs, and $70 below the critical $16,000 resistance level.

Altcoins are rallying too. Ethereum has gained 5% in the past 24 hours as it has reached its highest price since the summer rally.

Analysts are hopeful that Bitcoin will continue its ascent as the fundamentals and the technicals of this space suggest further growth is ahead.

Bitcoin May Soon Break $16,000

Bitcoin seems primed to break past the $16,000 resistance as it tests that key level for the third time in a week. The trend is favoring bulls are BTC has managed to ... Read more »

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Even though wallet operators have a large role to play in protecting funds, customers also need to educate themselves to avoid phishing scams.

As the global crypto economy continues to prosper, with Bitcoin (BTC) currently occupying the $15,500 region, questions regarding the overall safety and security of digital assets continue to persist, especially in the wake of a new scam whereby hackers made use of a phishing email to direct users to a fake Ledger website. According to various reports, victims were scammed to the tune of 1,150,000 XRP, worth approximately $290,000.

Dave Jevans, CEO of blockchain intelligence firm CipherTrace and chairman of Anti-Phishing Working Group, told Cointelegraph, “Ledger should clearly ha ... Read more »

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How many Big Macs does 1 Bitcoin buy, and why is this important?

Measured in Big Macs, Bitcoin’s (BTC) purchasing power is approaching its highest level since the 2017 bull market, offering yet another indicator of the digital currency’s rapid appreciation.

The global Bitcoin purchasing power index, or PPI, which measures how many McDonald’s Big Mac hamburgers you can buy with 1 BTC, rose 0.2% to 6,341.26 on Wednesday. Put differently, on average globally, a whole Bitcoin can buy you 6,341.26 Big Macs.

In the United States, based on current prices for both, you can get 3,274.91 Big Macs for 1 Bitcoin.

... Read more »

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China Construction Bank has used blockchain technology to issue the first tranche of a planned $3 billion worth of debt.

China Construction Bank has partnered with a Hong Kong-based fintech to issue the first-ever blockchain-based digital security issued by a Chinese financial institution.

One of the “Big Four” banks in the People’s Republic of China, CCB is ranked the second-largest bank worldwide by total assets as of fall 2020.

The megabank’s plan with the new blockchain-based debt issuance is to raise up to $3 billion in total, starting with a tranche of $58 million, from individuals and institutions. The digital bonds will be issued through an offshore branch of CCB in Labuan, Malaysia, at ... Read more »

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Monetary reforms and a lack of regulation mean crypto is booming in Cuba.

Cuba is seeing an influx of cryptocurrency activity amid an apparent absence of related regulation in the country, according to senior executives at local crypto firms.

In early November, Cuba recorded a major spike in Bitcoin (BTC)-related Google queries, indicating an increase in crypto activity in the country. Founders of major local crypto exchanges Qbita and Bitremesas told Cointelegraph that their platforms have seen increased activity in recent months.

Erich Garcia, the creator of Bitremesas, told Cointelegraph that the platform has been steadily growing this year, seeing a notable influx in user activity. “By now, the use of the ser ... Read more »

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China Construction Bank, one of the “big four” banks in China, is selling $3 billion in bonds that can be paid for with bitcoin. The bonds will be listed on a regulated Malaysian digital asset exchange.

Beijing-based China Construction Bank (CCB) is selling $3 billion in bonds for bitcoin and U.S. dollars through its unit in Malaysia, the South China Morning Post reported Wednesday. This is the first digital security issued by a Chinese bank on a blockchain, the publication added, noting:

The deal also allows investors to trade these China Construction Bank’s digital certificates using bitcoin on Fusang Exchange, a digital exchange licensed by the fin ... Read more »

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The Silk Road saga gets more airtime on the latest CBS News documentary

Mainstream U.S. media outlet CBS is airing a documentary tonight on the takedown of the Silk Road dark web marketplace.

It features an interview with Julia Vie, former girlfriend of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht who claims 'Dread Pirate Roberts' wasn’t motivated by money — to the point where he didn't even own a car — and that he was not a drug pusher.

In 2015 Ulbricht was found guilty of charges including aiding and abetting the distribution of narcotics, fraudulent ID trafficking, and money laundering in 2015 and received two life sentences plus 40 years.

There are calls for his release in an ongoing campai ... Read more »

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Reduced mempool activity not only results in reduced fees but gives users a chance to perform transactions that may not otherwise be practical.

The Bitcoin network mempool shrank to its smallest size since mid-October this week after the network’s hash power soared.

The clear mempool meant that that thousands of stuck transactions pending confirmation were included in recent blocks, leaving very few unconfirmed transactions still outstanding.

The spike in hash power has been attributed to the re-activation of China-based miners who migrated from Sichuan after the end of the province’s rainy season. Bitcoin’s hash rate increased by 42% over a two day period, Nov. 9 and 10.

A smaller mempool is ... Read more »

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