SushiSwap’s SUSHI token has been one of the best-performing crypto-assets of the past few days. In the past day, it has surged 30%, making it the best-performing coin in the top 100 by market capitalization.

Analysts are confident that the cryptocurrency has room to grow to the upside despite it already rallying 100% higher in the span of a week.

Here’s why the cryptocurrency is moving so far and so fast.

SushiSwap Gains Traction

SushiSwap’s ongoing rally seems to be related to the strong uptick in the retail and institutional interest in the asset.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX and CEO of Alameda Research, recently commented on the exchange and ist token SUSHI:

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“Being your own bank” doesn't have to be hard — here's a few hints on how to do it right

As the cryptocurrency market is in the midst of a major bull run with Bitcoin (BTC) approaching its all-time highs, the security concerns of cryptocurrency self-storage are becoming more relevant than ever.

On Nov. 12, Bitcoin — the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap — surpassed a $16,000 threshold for the first time since the 2017 rally landing BTC price at an ATH of $20,000. After hitting $16,300, Bitcoin has only ever been above this price for 12 days in its entire history.

As Bitcoin is now sitting at its highest historical levels and the crypto community is anticipating mor ... Read more »

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Bitcoin has seen a rapid rally over recent weeks from the $10,000 range to $16,000 as of this article’s writing. The leading cryptocurrency is expected to move even higher in the weeks and months ahead as long-term trends are still positive.

Analysts are highlighting a confluence of technical and fundamental reasonings as to why BTC will likely move higher in the future.

Bitcoin to See Macro Bull Run as Key RSI Cross Happens

Analysts are eyeing a strong Bitcoin rally as key long-term technical trends show through.

Pseudonymous quantitative analyst “PlanB” recently shared the chart below, which shows that Bitcoin’s one-week RSI is about to cross above a historical bull market level. Thi ... Read more »

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Bitcoin price traded to a new multi-month high close to $16,500 against the US Dollar. BTC is now signaling a downside correction and it could test the $15,200 support.

Bitcoin traded above the $16,000 resistance and almost tested the $16,500 zone.
The price is now correcting below $16,000, but it is well above the 100 simple moving average (4-hours).
There was a break below a major bullish trend line with support at $16,000 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
The pair is showing signs of a downside correction towards the $15,200 and $15,000 support levels.

Bitcoin Price is Forming Short-term Top?

This past week, bitcoin started a strong upward move above the $15,500 an ... Read more »

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CBDCs won’t fundamentally be changing anything — central banks still want to control your wealth and your money.

Mark my words: Governments and central banks will never care about your wealth and your privacy as much as you do. That reality is exactly why central bank digital currencies are dead in the water already.

They say if you can’t beat them, join them. That’s exactly what CBDCs are attempting to do. They want to join the party that is cryptocurrency without actually giving their citizens the privacy and democratic freedom a truly decentralized digital currency provides.

In a recent article, I made the argument that regulation and law enforcement are a necessary part of crypto truly going ... Read more »

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Ripple Labs Inc., issuers of the XRP cryptocurrency, has filed for a new trademark called “Paystring” with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The trademark was filed on Nov. 6 and accepted on Friday, according to the USPTO website.

Although Ripple did not specify which sort of business will fall under the new product, it is notable that the trademark’s registration description matches that of PayID, a trademark it registered on June 17, word for word.

Both the official description for Paystring and PayID read: “[The]…trademark ... Read more »

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The Ukrainian government is making serious steps toward crypto to make the country a leader in Eastern Europe.

Ukraine is ranked as the world’s leader in the Global Crypto Adoption Index 2020, according to a research published by Chainalysis earlier this fall. Despite this, cryptocurrencies still remain a gray area in the economy. Since 2014, Ukrainian authorities have been trying to implement crypto legislation that would transform the country into a competitive jurisdiction for running crypto-related businesses, but the efforts did not yield any results. Finally, just a few months ago, the Ukranian government presented a new bill on digital assets to legitimize the sector — and this time, the attempt may well be successf ... Read more »

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The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has published a paper discussing cryptocurrency regulation in the country. Meanwhile, the central bank has reportedly confirmed that there is no cryptocurrency ban.

Pakistan’s Crypto Regulation in the Works

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has published a position paper on the regulation of cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Besides discussing definitions and concepts of cryptocurrencies, the paper outlines different regulatory approaches adopted globally, including the recommendations by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and regulations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the U.S. It also detai ... Read more »

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  •  Bitcoin is currently struggling to hold above its crucial $16,000 support level as buyers and sellers both fight for control     of its near-term price action
  • Where it trends next will likely depend largely on the continued reaction to this level, as a sustained decline below it could strike a serious blow to its technical outlook
  • One trader is noting that one technical indicator is suggesting that Bitcoin is overbought at the present moment
  • The same indicator shows that a move to $13,300 could be imminent, as this is the next key support level for the cryptocurrency – according to its Ichimoku Cloud
  • Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market have been struggling to maintain their momentum throughout the past 12 hours or so.
  • The selling pressure faced above $16,000 hasn’t been too intense, but bulls’ waning strength has caused it to drop below this level.

Buyers ... Read more »

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Check out this week’s Bad Crypto podcast

Bitcoin continues its bull run. The coin is up more than 12 percent over the last week and is now tickling $16,000. According to the Big Mac Index, a Bitcoin will now buy as many as 6,3421.26 of the giant burgers. It’s even passed the monetary base of the Russian ruble, and is on its way towards beating Canada. That will happen when Bitcoin is worth $18,000. It’s almost there. The coin already has a market cap bigger than that of Bank of America, Netflix, and Shopify. If it keeps rising, it will soon be in the top 20 assets by market cap, alongside Facebook, Tesla, and Apple. It’s no wonder that economists at the US Federal Reserve are looking harder at the value of CBDC ... Read more »

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Does Bitcoin finally have an advocate at the highest levels of government?

In an interview with the ABC News program GMA3: What You Need To Know on Friday, senator-elect Cynthia Lummis again voiced her support for the popularization of Bitcoin, going so far as to say that she does “hope to bring Bitcoin into the national conversation.” 

In a clip that has been widely circulating on Twitter, the soon-to-be-senator representing Wyoming — possibly the highest ranking US official to ever speak so glowingly of the digital currency — cited her experience as a former state treasurer for why she believes in Bitcoin’s future.

“I’m a former state treasurer and I invested our state&r ... Read more »

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