It’s totally fair to say that the institutional investors are finally entering the Bitcoin and crypto-asset markets.

Bitcoin has seen a strong rally over the past few weeks and months. In the past month alone, the cryptocurrency has gained 50%. It has become increasingly clear that this rally has been driven by the entrance of so-called “smart money,” or capital from institutional players and billionaires.

It was just revealed that a Mexican billionaire deployed a large portion of his assets into Bitcoin.

Mexican Billionaire Goes Long on Bitcoin

As first spotted in the community by David Puell, a prominent on-chain Bitcoin analyst, the third-richest man in Mexico just revealed he owns a larg ... Read more »

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The world is no longer “fascinated” by Bitcoin after 2017, one strategist tells Bloomberg as BTC trades within 10% of all-time highs.

Bitcoin (BTC) is setting new records in almost all aspects except USD spot price, says a new digest, which concludes that 2020 is not like the 2017 rally.

In a blog post on Nov. 17, Nic Carter, co-founder of statistics resource CoinMetrics, highlighted nine charts, which as of this week, are higher than ever.

10 charts highlight “clear improvements”

From wallet balances over $10 to institutional holdings and even Bitcoin spot prices in various fiat currencies, the data shows that Bitcoin is outperforming on a historic level.

“To sum up, tod ... Read more »

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If you are in Bitcoin for the long haul, there is a reasonable path to $500,000 within the next decade.

Back in June, I wrote that Wall Street remaining on the sidelines is not necessarily bad for our industry. While most traditional investors are still observing, Bitcoin’s (BTC) mainstream momentum has been building over the last four months. Currently, the Bitcoin price is hovering around $18,000, steadily approaching its historical all-time high.

Bitcoin is a store of value and a potential global reserve currency

When we talk about asset valuation, the first step is always to understand the fundamental economics. Equities, bonds and real estate, for example, generally derive value from generating cash flows. ... Read more »

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The OUSD stablecoin issuer, Origin Protocol is the latest Defi protocol to fall victim to a flash loan attack. The attack, which occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, on November 17, resulted in the disappearance of tokens worth millions of dollars. Confirming the attack, one of the project’s leaders say they are now working with exchanges in order to identify the attacker, as well as to freeze the tokens before they are liquidated.

Funds Located

The Origin Protocol attack follows a similar incident at Value Defi on November 14 where the criminals stole $6 million worth of tokens. Explaining the attack in a blog post, Origin Protocol Co-founder Matthew Liu insists the stol ... Read more »

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On December 2, 2020, the organization and full node project Bitcoin Unlimited is hosting a week-long hackathon that aims to build the future of finance by leveraging the decentralized crypto network Bitcoin Cash. The event dubbed “Coinparty 2020” aims to get the top crypto talent in the world to compete for $17k worth of bitcoin cash prizes.

The cryptocurrency community has grown massively in 2020, and there’s been a number of new and exciting innovations this year. Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) wants to bring a number of useful innovations to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network and the organization is hosting a hackathon to bolster this goal.

The event is called “Coinparty 2020” and it&rsquo ... Read more »

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Bitcoin price just had its first decent-sized pullback since making it above $16,000. Less than 48 hours later, the cryptocurrency was already trading well above $18,000.

In the late-night spike last night, the seemingly parabolic crypto asset touched a new 2020 high of $18,474 on Binance, before falling back to $17,800 where the resistance zone begins. Is this the first possible peak before a short term pullback to gather more strength to take out $20,000? Or is there no need to refuel due to how incredibly bullish Bitcoin is in 2020 and $17,800 is now strong support?

Bitcoin Takes Out $18,000: Retreat Or Reversal?

The leading cryptocurrency by market cap has defied all odds in 2020, and in the face of a pandemic an ... Read more »

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Both Bitcoin and Nvidia saw major growth in 2020, but Bitcoin’s market cap wins today.

Amid a meteoric bull run in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin (BTC) is overtaking another major American company in terms of market capitalization.

As the Bitcoin price briefly crossed the $18,000 threshold on Nov. 18, Bitcoin’s market cap surged above $336 billion, outstripping the market cap of Nvidia — one of the world’s most well-known manufacturers of graphics cards.

On Nov. 17, Nvidia’s shares closed at $330.7 billion, according to data from Macro Trends. The close follows a significant decline from a $358.7 billion threshold recorded on Nov. 2. At publishing time, Bitcoin’s market cap accou ... Read more »

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Preston Pysh saw "insane" gains for the rest of this year in August, with Bitcoin just $2,000 off record levels three months later.

Bitcoin (BTC) hitting new all-time highs by Christmas is beginning to look conservative, but one analyst called current levels back in August.

As noted by consumer investment service Swan Bitcoin on Nov. 18, the co-founder of The Investor’s Podcast Network, Preston Pysh, predicted 90% end-of-year returns for BTC/USD when the pair traded at $11,400.

Pysh: 2020 gains could be “insane”

“You should be making a new all-time high by Christmas 2020. That means we’ve got 80–90% upside from here, which is insane, right because there’s no ... Read more »

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Securities firms in Thailand are now authorized to count crypto as capital funds.

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission has revised its net capital rules regarding digital assets.

According to a Nov. 18 report by The Bangkok Post, the Thai SEC now allows firms dealing with digital assets to include the value of those assets when calculating their net capital funds. 

The new rules follow a surge in volume on Thai exchanges. The Bangkok Post states that, following the United States presidential election, the Stock Exchange of Thailand saw one-day trading value hit $5.5 billion while futures contracts on the Thailand Futures Exchanges increased to 1 million per day. 

The new rules aim to su ... Read more »

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Unique in Europe, the Dutch central bank now requires Bitcoin exchanges to prove that their users actually control their withdrawal addresses.

Bitconic, a Netherlands-based Bitcoin (BTC) exchange, has informed its users that they now need to comply with a new verification measure in order to continue to use their services. The change comes following new requirements from the Dutch central bank, which were published in Nov. 2019 and stipulate that:

"Crypto service providers must check whether their clients and any ultimate beneficiary owners (UBOs) are on a Dutch or European sanctions list and report any hits to DNB. Risk-based checks are not permitted [...] compliance also entails ... Read more »

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