Monthly global searches for Bitcoin are reportedly 350% higher than in late 2017.

According to data collected by Brad Michelson, a senior marketing manager at major trading and investment platform eToro, monthly global volume for Bitcoin searches in the December 2017 bull run was lower than in November 2020.

Citing SEO data provider SEMrush, Michelson said that Bitcoin-related global monthly search volumes in November 2020 accounted for 8.9 million. This is 356% more than BTC search volumes recorded back in December 2017, which amounted to 2.5 million, according to Michelson’s data.

Michelson pointed out a huge discrepancy between SEMrush’s data and Google Trends, a popular tool for analyzing the popularity ... Read more »

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Bitcoin's network effect has forced traditional financiers to change their tune on the digital currency.

A senior executive at BlockRock, the world’s largest asset manager, admits that Bitcoin (BTC) has become a permanent fixture in the global financial system, offering yet another tangible sign that the narrative surrounding digital currency has changed. 

Rick Rieder, BlackRock’s CIO of Fixed Income, told CNBC on Friday that, “Bitcoin is here to stay.”

While conceding that he is not a Bitcoin bull, Rieder said the flagship currency “will take the place of gold to a large extent [because] it is so more functional than passing a bar of gold around.”

Bitcoin is sometim ... Read more »

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The Morgan Creek-Exos Bitcoin fund was filed with the SEC on Thursday.

Morgan Creek and Exos Financial filed a new Bitcoin (BTC) fund with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, on Thursday. If approved, the fund will offer institutional investors another way to long the flagship cryptocurrency without the volatility of owning it outright. 

Kevin Rooke reported Friday that the Morgan Creek-Exos Risk Management Bitcoin Fund has been filed with U.S. regulators. The fund intends to provide direct exposure to Bitcoin with inbuilt mechanisms to reduce allocation when quantitative signals turn negative.

As Rooke reports, the fund “handles technical details around trade, transfer, and custody of Bitco ... Read more »

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Bitcoin Cash has sustained the uptrend, breaking multiple supply zones within an ascending parallel channel.
BTC/USD must close the day above the channel’s middle boundary to avert potential losses and retain focus on $20,000.
Bitcoin is in a self-made bullish cycle after breaking multiple key barriers and flipping them into crucial support areas over the last few weeks. The recent run to $18,500 convinced most investors that $20,000 is nigh. However, analysts warn that a reversal is likely before Bitcoin makes the final liftoff to $20,000.

The flagship cryptocurrency is trading at $17,977 amid a relentless push from the bullish camp to sustain the uptrend. BTC embraced support at the ascending parallel channel&rsquo ... Read more »

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Bitcoin (BTC) rose to a three-year high of ,600 on Friday, up 4.5% on the day and close to its all-time high of just under 20,000.

Bitcoin has gained over 16% so far this week - its biggest weekly gain since June 2019 - and is up over 160% this year.

According to Deutsche Bank currently investors increasingly choose Bitcoin over gold to hedge dollar risk and inflation.

Recently, JPMorgan’s analysts also pointed out that institutional investors are moving from gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to bitcoin via Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)./Reuters


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The Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of the world’s largest asset management company BlackRock Inc. said that Bitcoin is better than gold.

Key Takeaways

  • Rick Rieder, Managing Director and CIO of Global Fixed Income at BlackRock Inc., hints at bullishness and long-term sustainability of crypto-assets.
  • Rieder has sought to bet on emerging market and pegs crypto assets as a way to balance financial portfolios.

In a CNBC interview this morning, Rick Rieder, the investment manager at BlackRock Inc., said that Bitcoin is more functional than gold.

Blackrock’s Bitcoin Hedge

Recently, Rieder expressed optimism towards investment in emerging markets gi ... Read more »

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Deutsche Bank’s strategist Jim Reid reportedly wrote that investors are increasingly demanding to use bitcoin instead of gold to hedge dollar risk and inflation. His research concurs with one recently published by JPMorgan’s analysts that shows institutional investors moving from gold to bitcoin.

Investors Replacing Gold With Bitcoin

In a report discussing the performances of several investments post-vaccine news, Deutsche Bank’s research strategist Jim Reid wrote that “One of the oddities has been the dramatic divergence between gold (-3.6%) and silver (-4.4%) on the one hand and bitcoin (+13.4%) on the other,” according to Zerohedge publication. Reid elaborated:

... Read more »
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Bitcoin is blazing, the ball is rolling and at press time, another significant price crossover is about to occur. Bitcoin broke $16,000 in less than 24 hours and shortly after, the $17,000 resistance was broken. Bitcoin is in the most bullish zone than it has ever been in since the year began, and the $20,000 milestone is almost achieved.

At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $18,184 and daily gain is up by 3.25% according to data from Coinmarketcap. If the bulls remain unchallenged, this week could mark Bitcoin’s 8th-week price rally. The bullish continuation that sent Bitcoin to $18,000 is still in motion, although this was tested by a very strong price rejection at around 18:00 (UTC), it started when the buyers pushed price al ... Read more »

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Depending when exactly he bought in, Logic could have already made $2 million.

Following Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams’ call for advice as to whether to go long on Bitcoin (BTC) earlier this week, the rapper Logic has dived into Bitcoin headlong.

In a video posted to his Instagram story, Logic, real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, bragged that he “bought six million in Bitcoin last month,” while making the collar pull gesture popularized by fellow rapper Xzibit in the mid-1990s MTV show Pimp My Ride.

He followed this up by trying to make out that it was really no big deal, muttering “F**k it,” “YOLO” (meaning “You only live once”) and “Seriously&hell ... Read more »

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The Institute of International Finance (IIF) says global debt will soar to a record $277 trillion by the end of 2020 as governments and companies continue to spend in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Already, the debt has ballooned by $15 trillion this year to $272 trillion through September. Governments from developed markets account for more than half of that increase, according to the IIF’s Global Debt Monitor.

Governments from Developed Markets Are the Biggest Borrowers

According to a report, debt repayments will prove to be “much more onerous” despite the “record-low borrowing costs across the globe.” Declining revenues to emerging market gover ... Read more »

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Thailand has reportedly revised its net capital rules which help securities firms launch cryptocurrency exchanges. The country now has 15 licensed crypto service providers.

New Thai Rules and Crypto Exchanges

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has revised its net capital (NC) rules which help securities companies provide crypto services, the Bangkok Post reported Wednesday.

“The revised NC rules are expected to help free up liquidity for securities firms that plan to enter new business such as open digital or cryptocurrency exchanges,” the publication conveyed, adding that some securities companies have consulted with the SEC to launch a cryptocu ... Read more »

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Jay Clayton is stepping down from his role as SEC Chairman at the end of the year, but before going he wants to set the record straight on the SEC’s opinion of Bitcoin.

The outgoing SEC Chairman Jay Clayton, who oversaw the rejection of nine Bitcoin ETFs during his tenure, has told CNBC that “inefficiencies” in the current payments systems are continuing to drive the popularity of Bitcoin.

Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box yesterday Clayton, who is due to step down by the end of the year, confirmed his agency’s general assessment that Bitcoin was not a security but a payment mechanism and store of value.

The chairman has been widely criticized by the Bitcoin community for keeping a tight rein ... Read more »

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DAiM has launched the United States’ first employer-sponsored retirement plans that support investments in Bitcoin.

U.S.-based asset manager, Digital Asset Investment Management (DAiM), has launched the country’s first employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement plans supporting Bitcoin.

According to a Nov. 19 announcement, DAiM will serve as the advisor and fiduciary in helping companies “create a 401(k) plan that offers several recommended model portfolios of varying risk to traditional assets and allocation of up to 10% to Bitcoin.”

The BTC will be held in cold storage by Gemini Trust, allowing DAiM to transfer Bitcoin to former-employees who have left participating companies.

DAiM’s c ... Read more »

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