The investment banking giant now reportedly classifies MicroStrategy as a “virtual currency product.”

Buying MicroStrategy stock is reportedly no longer possible for HSBC customers on the bank’s online trading platform — HSBC InvestDirect, or HIDC.

According to a supposed message from the bank to its customers, HSBC has directed users that already own MicroStrategy stock not to buy additional shares.

Twitter user Camiam claimed to have received such a message from the banking giant on March 29:

The MSTR blacklisting appears to be part of the bank’s amended user policy prohibiting users from interacting with cryptocurrencies, with an excerpt from the message reading:

“H ... Read more »

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The crypto space can rest easy on Bitcoin’s survival — a lone Reddit user has got you covered.

In the years since Bitcoin’s 2009 launch, the crypto industry’s inaugural blockchain-based asset has survived many speculative deaths. While it is true that Bitcoin (BTC) could theoretically crash by the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to take it to zero, one Reddit user has pledged their intention to buy up the blood.

On the r/Bitcoin subreddit yesterday, Reddit user u/Substantial-Ad-5012 posted a thread titled: “Bitcoin will never go to zero in my lifetime.” Why? “Because I am willing and abl ... Read more »

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(Kitco News) - Bitcoin-U.S. dollar prices are steady-firm in early U.S. trading Friday. Trading has turned sideways this week. The bulls are not in trouble yet. They are still keeping alive a price uptrend in place on the daily bar chart and still have the firm overall near-term technical advantage. Stay tuned!


... Read more »

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Hot on his heels is multi-billionaire Amazon chief Jeff Bezos who is placed at 5/2 to plough a chunk of his $183bn fortune into Bitcoin – a move that would surely send the price of the flagship currency soaring.

Coincidentally, as the odds on star names investing in crypto shortened, the probability of Bitcoin hitting $100,000 by the end of 2021 also increased, according to online bookmakers Unikrn.

The specialist betting site now has the chances of $100k at 46 per cent – a notable rise from last week’s probability of 42 per cent.

“The chance of Bitcoin reaching $100,000 at the end of 2021 has increased from 42% last week to 46% this week with experts anticipating another price surge,” a ... Read more »

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Fidelity’s head of digital assets says that bitcoin adoption will continue “at an accelerated pace,” noting that “we’ve reached a tipping point.” He explained that investors are increasingly drawn to bitcoin “Particularly, in an environment where we’ve seen unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus from central banks and governments in response to the pandemic.”

The Tipping Point of Bitcoin Adoption

Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity Digital Assets at Fidelity Investments, talked about bitcoin adoption Wednesday during an interview at Marketwatch and Barron’s “Investing in Crypto” event. Jessop is also head of Corporate Business Develo ... Read more »

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The tech company has been on a buying spree of late, racking up $100 million worth of Bitcoin and Ether.

Hong Kong tech company Meitu has taken the total value of its cryptocurrency holdings to approximately $100 million after the firm disclosed the purchase of an additional $10 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) on Thursday.

Meitu HK, the wholly-owned Hong Kong subsidiary of Meitu Inc (incorporated in the Cayman Islands), acquired 175.67798279 units of Bitcoin for a combined price of $10 million, implying a purchase price of around $57,000 per coin. The purchase was reportedly made using existing cash reserves, based on spot prices on the open m ... Read more »

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According to Paypal cofounder Peter Thiel, the Chinese government, which detests the U.S. dollar’s reserve currency status, could be using bitcoin as a financial weapon against the U.S. While he concedes that China has no intentions of making the yuan renminbi a reserve currency, Thiel still thinks the Asian country may have longed bitcoin because it weakens the dollar’s influence.

Reserve Currencies

Speaking at the recent Richard Nixon Foundation seminar, Thiel also suggested that China ideally prefers to have two reserve currencies that counter the dollar. He says the Asian country already uses the euro currency as a weapon against the dollar although he claims the “last decade hasn&rsq ... Read more »

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A Nasdaq-traded Chinese Bitcoin mining firm has seen its shares fall 20% after a damning short report unveiled some alleged dodgy dealings.

The share price of Chinese Bitcoin mining company Ebang continues to fall, while the firm refutes claims made in a Hindenburg Research report that alleged it was pilfering American investors’ cash.

The Hindenburg Research report, published on Tuesday, described Ebang as “simply the latest chapter in the ‘China Hustle’ disguised as a Bitcoin mining play.” The report alleges that Ebang raised hundreds of millions of dollars through public offerings in the United States under th ... Read more »

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A long-forgotten Bitcoin (BTC) hard fork has surged almost 200% in a week — simply because traders are buying the wrong altcoin.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG), a relic from the 2017 forking season, traded at $113 on April 9 — the highest price since February 2018 — after 30% daily gains as trading volumes topped $250 million. 

Bitcoin Gold piggybacks to 173% weekly gains
A curious contrast to an otherwise lackluster cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin Gold’s success appears to be not wholly genuine — but also not the fault of its holders or developers.

As Cointelegraph reported on Tuesday, a new Bitcoin fund from Brazillian investment bank BTG Pactual moved a step closer to launching this wee ... Read more »

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In an April 9 announcement, Badger DAO stated that the partnership would help to bring institutional Bitcoin to the DeFi ecosystem. The Bitcoin wrapping protocol also aims to increase its usage among the growing institutional investor base.

Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade platform offering secure infrastructure for moving, storing, and issuing digital assets for institutional clients.

“We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership between Fireblocks and BadgerDAO to enable Fireblocks 200+ institutional clients to securely hold Badger assets on their platform and put their Bitcoin to work,”

Bringing Bitcoin to DeFi
The announcement added that with the right on-ramps, institutional investo ... Read more »

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People have said bitcoin is dead thousands of times. In fact, there’s a website dedicated to the subject, tracking and tracing the death of bitcoin:

Most Recent Death: Cryptocurrencies – A product of government malfeasance, March 17th, 2021
Oldest Death: Why Bitcoin can’t be a currency, December 15, 2010
People have been saying bitcoin will die for a decade, but it doesn’t go away. It’s doing the opposite. It’s rising and growing. Now we have Tesla investing in bitcoin as part of their treasury operations, as are firms like MicroStrategy; we have Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and, in the latest announcement, State Street getting in on the action; we have Visa, Square, PayPal, Mode and more committing to cryptocurrency payments; and we even see bitcoin being discussed as the next reserve currency of the world.

Why not? I’ve said for a long time that we need an internet currency that is global. Maybe ... Read more »

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Head of Fidelity Digital Assets Tom Jessop has said bitcoin’s adoption in the financial sector had reached the peak, with the asset sustaining its ongoing bull run.

During an interview with MarketWatch, Jessop also projected the acceleration of cryptocurrencies as a class of investments while taking center stage in the traditional finance ecosystem.

He noted that the current financial environment characterized by low interest rates has contributed to bitcoin’s and other cryptocurrencies’ ongoing momentum.

In his view, Jessop said that the availability of easy money brought about by stimulus packages has seen cryptocurrencies increasingly become alternative investment assets.

“We’ ... Read more »

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Despite the best efforts by bulls for what has been several weeks now, Bitcoin price can’t seem to get back above $60,000 and spend any meaningful time above it.

Fundamentals are as bullish as it gets for the top cryptocurrency, but bearish technicals might have finally caused sellers to step in. That’s according to one crypto company CEO, who has warned of sell side intensity increasing substantially in the last several hours. It’s caused them to be increasingly convinced that a cycle top is potentially in. Here’s a deeper look at why.

Bitcoin Bull Run On The Ropes As Technicals Face Off Against Fundamentals

Bitcoin price has had its best year on record yet dollar for dollars and fundamenta ... Read more »

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According to a press release, one of the most important banks in the U.S. State Street will partner with start-up Puremarkets. The cooperation will enable State Street’s Currenex, a “high performance” trading technology provider, to work with the start-up on a crypto trading platform.

In parallel, the partners might explore “the digital currency trading space”. With over $3.15 trillion in assets under management and $38 assets under custody, State Street is one of the largest banks revealing participation in the crypto industry.

The trading platform called Pure Digital will be, according to the press release, automated with a “high throughput OTC market”. Also, it will support tradin ... Read more »

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Among the many reasons for the ongoing bull run in Bitcoin, has been the emergence of corporations and businesses adding BTC to their company treasury reserves.

The sudden increase in demand for large sums of BTC during a period of low supply has caused prices to go parabolic. Interestingly, so have the numbers of mentions in company earnings reports that reference the first ever cryptocurrency by name.

Bitcoin Becomes Corporate Treasury Asset, Led By MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor

2020 was undeniably the year Bitcoin officially matured as an asset. Rather than pure speculation, the cryptocurrency network has shown it is here to stay, and instead the underlying asset is being leveraged to protect against dollar i ... Read more »

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