Earlier today, the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, surged to the $61,495 level on the leading crypto exchange Binance and then moved on.

The resumed rally of BTC is likely to be due to the increased interest from financial institutions. Earlier, U.Today reported about plans of the leading banking giants – Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley – opened exposure to Bitcoin to their wealthy customers.

Besides, selling pressure on Bitcoin has begun decreasing due to the Long-Term Holder Net Position Change indicator has gone green first time in five months, signifying that BTC miners have started to stack BTC instead of selling it.

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Bitcoin’s price neared its all-time high of $61,712 early Saturday while ether set a new all-time high at $2,190.

According to CoinDesk’s Bitcoin price page, the leading cryptocurrency traded above $60,000 for the first time in nearly a month after spending weeks vacillating between $52,000 and the upper $50,000s. Bitcoin pulled back marginally after peaking around $60,900, though it remains above the psychological marker as of press time.

Bitcoin last hit an all-time high in mid-March, according to CoinGecko.

Meanwhile ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, came close to $2,200, just days after breaching $2,100 for the first time.

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After a year and a half of inactivity, Kryptoin has filed an amendment to its 2019 application for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Previously, it intended to list shares of the "Kryptoin Bitcoin ETF Trust" on NYSE Arca, but the amended S-1 names Cboe BZX as its intended exchange.

The Kryptoin ETF aims to provide exposure to bitcoin using the CF Bitcoin US Settlement Price as its pricing mechanism. The filing states that "the Trust will hold bitcoin, process all creations and redemptions in-kind, and accrue its management fee solely in bitcoin."

The amended S-1 says Kryptoin plans to issue shares on the Cboe BZX Exchange. The WisdomTree and VanEck prospectuses also both name Cboe as the planned listing venue, and Cboe has filed paperwork with the SEC to formally attach itself to VanEck's offering.

In a March interview with The Block, Cboe’s global head of listings Laura Morrison said the exchange was in conversations ... Read more »

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The call for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund has become a more urgent chorus this year, as the digital currency continues to surge and becomes increasingly mainstreamamong institutional investors.

An ETF would allow investors to buy and sell the cryptocurrency more easily and cheaply, smoothly integrate it into their portfolios, and eliminate the hassles of securing and storing it. Optimism is high, since the incoming chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission is Gary Gensler, who has deep expertise in cryptocurrencies,...

A top financial regulator warned that the U.S. is falling behind other countries in constructing a rational regulatory framework for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, and that this failure ... Read more »

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Southampton Football Club, a soccer team currently ranked 13th in England’s Premier League, recently signed a new sponsorship deal that includes an option for the club to be paid certain performance-based bonuses in bitcoin. The deal also extends the club’s partnership with the Coingaming Group as Main Club Partner for a further three years.

Also, as part of the new agreement, Coingaming Group’s brand, Sportsbet.io will continue as the club’s front-of-shirt sponsor. In a statement issued on April 8, the club explains the rationale behind the decision to include bitcoin bonuses. It said:

(The BTC bonus) allows the club the opportunity to take advantage of the new, high-gr ... Read more »

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The Lone Star State of Texas is solidifying its role as a bitcoin mining and blockchain hub. This week two major bitcoin mining companies established operations in Texas. The company Riot Blockchain purchased a mining site in Rockdale and the bitcoin mining firm Blockcap announced establishing headquarters in Austin.

Blockcap Sets Up Headquarters in Austin, Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Welcomes the Mining Company

On April 9, 2021, the firm Blockcap announced that it was establishing headquarters in Austin Texas, and the company will join a number of companies that reside in the Lone Star State. Just recently, Blockcap announced that the company raised over $75 million and revealed a number of large-sca ... Read more »

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A Correction On The Cards?
Ms. Schnabel talked about the global economic slowdown, with the markets only beginning to recover. However, she noted that the stock markets' current situation could be a cause for concern and that there could be an increased risk of corrections. This risk could be amplified if the economic recovery falls short of expectations.

“As we are still far from reaching our inflation aim of below, but close to, 2%, a sustainable rise of inflation in the direction of 2% would be good news. That would mean that the economy is gaining momentum and aggregate demand is increasing. 2/14”

A Need For Stricter Regulation Of Funds
Ms. Schnabel cited the collapse of the US hedge fund Arch ... Read more »

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But the scalability problem remained, so it wasn’t long before another part of the community proposed a similar change that led to another fork, called Bitcoin Classic. It differed from XT on block size (2MB vs 8MB) but shared the same eventual fate -- irrelevance.

Bitcoin Unlimited came soon after, proposing variable block sizes of up to 16MB. Suffice to say, it didn’t live up to its name.

A soft fork stirs a rebellion

In 2015, one of Bitcoin’s core developers, Peter Wuille, proposed a way to allow transactions to take place more quickly not by increasing the block size but by conducting them off the actual blockchain and later settling them in bulk on the chain. It was given the frankly terrible name Segregated Witness. There was plenty of resistance, but in the end a majority of the nodes agreed on the changes and SegWit became a soft fork.

The resentment remained, though, and Bitcoin’s adoption of SegWit spawned many ... Read more »

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