An Italian citizen’s apparent attempt to hire a hitman on the Dark Web has been undone by clever analysis of his Bitcoin transactions. The man, who is reported to be an IT worker employed by a major corporation, is alleged to have paid the hitman to assassinate his former girlfriend.

What happened?
According to a news article published by European policing entity Europol on April 7, they assisted Italian communications crime law enforcement Polizia Postale e Delle Comunicazioni in arresting a local citizen suspected of paying about $12,000 USD worth of bitcoin (at the moment of writing) to a Dark Web hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend. The Europol report states that the timely investigation had prevented any harm against the potential victim. The spiteful ex was detained before he paid the entire sum on the verge of the attack.

The agencies
The Polizia Postale e Delle Comunicazioni is a federal department of the Italian police force that is, among oth ... Read more »

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One of the explanations for this boom lies in the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies by mainstream investors. With investorial support of Bitcoin having significantly increased over the last year, the interest in cryptocurrency ATMs has also increased. 

A Bitcoin ATM is essentially the same in format as any other automated teller machine, and allows a person to purchase cryptocurrency by cash or debit card. At the present moment, Bitcoin is the most popular currency supplied by crypto ATMs, however there are an increasing number of ATMs that supply altcoins.

The regulation of Bitcoin ATMs in America varies from state to state. At present, 35 states in America do not require a money transmitter license (MTL), but mo ... Read more »

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One of my most successful tips has been shorting bitcoin. If you had taken my advice to sell it short in January 2018 (issue 880), you would have made a profit of £1,744 after closing the position in April 2019. I then suggested shorting it again in July 2019, which would have produced a small profit of £250 after the position was closed in January 2020. However, over the past year the cryptocurrency has been on a tear, rising from just under $7,000 at the beginning of April 2020 to the current price of $58,000. So is this surge due to a genuine shift in the fundamentals? Or will history repeat itself?

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This acceptance has been mirrored by investors with an increasing number ... Read more »

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Mike Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital and bitcoin bull has warned that the United States’ failure to have its own digital currency could be an “existential crisis.” However, the CEO says the country’s fate is still in its hands. Novogratz made these comments a few days after former U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo suggested that the United States is not going to have a digital dollar anytime soon.

Distortions in Financial System

Still, Novogratz tells an interviewer that the United States’ success on this front will be dependent on the way the country manages its fiscal and monetary policies. He said:

If our fiscal and monetary policy starts looki ... Read more »

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he countdown to the hotly-anticipated Wall Street debut of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase set the tone for bitcoin to establish a foothold above $60,000 today.

Bitcoin’s backers expect Wednesday’s Coinbase IPO on Nasdaq to provide the digital currency with another layer of credibility, having already benefited this year from the decision of Tesla CEO Elon Musk to hold it as a reserve asset.

Bitcoin traded at $60,672 today for a valuation of $1.1 trillion after lifting as high as $61,222 over the weekend to within sight of last month’s all-time high of $61,781.

Bitcoin could hit $400,000 this year as inflation fears fuel rally in cryptocurrency
Bitcoin could hit $400,0 ... Read more »

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