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I’ll be honest with you. I’m still not sure that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are useful. But they are a huge business, and they’re having their biggest moment so far.

Coinbase, which helps people buy and sell cryptocurrencies, listed its stock publicly for the first time on Wednesday. Coinbase is like a bank, but isn’t one, and it’s built to trade money that exists only as lines of computer code. And on Thursday, this not-bank for not-money was valued at more than $85 billion — roughly the same as General Motors.

My colleague Erin Griffith told me that Coinbase’s stock market debut ... Read more »

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Coinbase direct listing (Not An IPO!) was a huge success and $COIN trading is open at Nasdaq making Coinbase the first company to go public. Bitcoin price is currently in the greedy stage and losing $61,000 may trigger short term bearish sentiment. So, first let’s take a look at Bitcoin Greed Index.

Bitcoin Greed Index Suggests ‘Wait Before Trade’
As per the crypto analytics firm cryptoquant, Bitcoin price is currently in the greed zone with greed index rising steadily since February. Analysts further explain,

though it is a not a bearish sign but also not an ideal time to buy as well.

Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index
                    &nbs ... Read more »

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A new resolution would establish a task force to study crypto in Miami-Dade county's public administration.

A Miami-Dade County commissioner is backing a new resolution to allow residents to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) to pay local taxes.

According to a Thursday document acquired by The Miami New Times, county commissioner Cohen Higgins has brought a resolution to Miami-Dade’s Infrastructure, Operations, and Innovations Committee, calling for the establishment of a 13-member crypto task force.

The task force would examine the feasibility of allowing residents to pay their county taxes, as well as for fees and ser ... Read more »

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Experienced cryptocurrency journalist and self-confessed Bitcoin sceptic, Amy Castor puts matters into perspective when it comes to the valuation of BTC. The spike in price in recent months has everyone, both crypto and non-crypto people, buzzing. “There’s a big rush of people trying to make money in the space,” Amy says. “People are kind of running in, in the hopes that it’ll go up higher.”

The price of BTC of late is around US$60,000, a whopping increase from its previous US$10,000 back in September. But Amy says BTC has no intrinsic value. She views it mainly as a speculative investment and predicts a repeat of what happened during the 2017 digital currency price crash: “This is a bubble, ... Read more »

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All private AXA customers now have the option to pay insurance premiums for any non-life insurance products in Bitcoin.

Europe's second-largest insurance firm AXA has become Switzerland's first all-line insurer to offer its customers the option to pay their bills with Bitcoin (BTC), facilitated through a collaboration with the established cryptocurrency broker Bitcoin Suisse.

Bitcoin payments will be accepted for nearly all AXA products except for life insurance, due to regulatory barriers to the latter. 

AXA has cited the accelerated digital transformation of the global economy during the coronavirus pandemic as being a ... Read more »

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