The famous author of The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, says investors should not buy bitcoin. To hedge against the current turbulent market, he advises buying stocks or real estate, emphasizing that bitcoin has no connection to inflation or “anything economic.”

Nassim Taleb Advises Against Bitcoin Investing

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the famed author of “The Black Swan,” has shared his view on bitcoin and on how to hedge against the current turbulent market in an interview with CNBC Friday. Taleb is a Lebanese-American scholar, mathematical statistician, former options trader, and risk analyst.

He was asked about cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, given that investors ha ... Read more »

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  • Bitcoin price dipped below $50,000 after following the news that US President Joe Biden could increase capital gains taxes for the rich.
  • The leading cryptocurrency fell in tandem with the US stock market as fears of a potential tax hike loom.
  • While Bitcoin’s market share drops, miners have been accumulating BTC at a discount.

President of the United States Joe Biden is expected to propose a new top rate for capital gains tax rate for wealthy individuals. Subsequently, the cryptocurrency markets crashed as investors fear high taxes as a result of cashing out of digital assets. 

Biden plans to tax the rich

The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Bitcoin, slumped to lows nearing $50, ... Read more »

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Veteran Bitcoin advocate and evangelist, Michael Saylor has weighed in on the current strain on the market and its impact on investors by advising they should invest in scarce and portable assets. Taking to his official Twitter handle, Saylor noted that the best move anyone can make amidst fears of inflation and increase in taxation is to invest in assets with proven resilience against the negative market influences.

“The rational strategy in the face of escalating inflation & taxation risk is to construct a portfolio of scarce, desirable, portable assets that you can hold forever,” He revealed in the short tweet.

In the past hours, media reports have it that United States President Joe Biden is all geared to ... Read more »

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The price of bitcoin fell below the US$50,000 mark at the end of this week. Cryptocurrencies have lost considerable momentum in the second half of April. Many retail investors may have been burnt as digital currencies have been thrust into the mainstream in late 2020 and early 2021. Today, I want to discuss why bitcoin has crashed in the latter half of April. Is it worth buying on the dip? Let’s dive in.

The tax man is coming for crypto
Back in March, I’d discussed Ray Dalio’s warning on bitcoin and the broader crypto market. Dalio predicted that a regulatory crackdown was on the horizon for cryptocurrencies. At the same time, he said that the market had proven itself in the mainstream.

In late March, ... Read more »

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The Bitcoin price has extended its recent decline, falling to below $50,000 for the first time since March 8. The leading cryptocurrency is currently trading at just below $49,000 and looking for support. Will it find it here and recover back to the $50-60k range it’s been in for so long now?

All other major cryptocurrencies have also experienced significant losses over the last 24 hours, with the vast majority seeing double-digit drops. Even Ethereum (ETH) is now down over the last 24 hours, despite setting a new all-time high of more than $2,600 yesterday. It’s still trading over $2,000, but can it hold?

There have been many causes speculated for the sudden drop. Bitcoin has certainly been running hot lately, a ... Read more »

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Bitcoin is crashing, with the cryptocurrency’s price falling a further 12 per cent in the last 24 hours.

It lost about $7,000 (£5,000) in a matter of hours on Sunday, and fell similarly on Thursday, from around $55,000 (£40,000) to less than $48,000 (£35,000).

Other cryptocurrencies have been similarly affected, with the world’s second largest coin, Ethereum, down to around $2,100 (£1,500) after hitting record highs of $2,600 (£1,900) earlier on Thursday.

Around $260bn (£190bn) has been wiped from the cryptocurrency market in total.


... Read more »

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Bitcoin has fallen around 23% from an all-time high 9 days ago, taking it to $50,000.
Analysts said reports of Joe Biden's tax-hike plans had knocked the cryptocurrency.
And they said bitcoin could have further to go before buyers are tempted again.
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Bitcoin has tumbled around 23% from the recent all-time high of more than $64,000, touched 9 days ago, to trade below $50,000 on Friday.
Analysts said a number of factors appear to have caused the sharp fall, including Joe Biden's reported tax hike proposals and natural caution after a rapid rally.
They also said it is crucial that bitcoin find some support soon, or it could slid ... Read more »

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From the growing attention to Bitcoin and "decentralized finance" to the latest excitement spurred by non-fungible tokens, the crypto economy is here to stay. But will it develop the social consensus and institutional arrangements needed to go fully mainstream?

CAMBRIDGE – What is money? Some have described it as a shared fiction, or as a form of collective memory. To document and facilitate transactions between parties, we have relied on everything from seashells and rare metals to strips of paper and – more recently – entries in digital ledgers.

These technologies all facilitate the creation, transfer, and destruction of value, and each works only because a group of participants – a &ldquo ... Read more »

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Despite the drop, BTC is approaching a confluence of support levels that are expected to initiate a sizeable bounce.

BTC has been moving downwards, since April 14. The decrease accelerated on April 18, taking the price down to the support line of an ascending parallel channel. 

After a weak bounce, BTC broke down from the channel, yesterday. Afterwards, it fell below the 0.618 retracement support at $51,368, an area which could now act as resistance.

Technical indicators in the daily time-frame are bearish. The Stochastic Oscillator has made a bearish cross while the RSI has dropped below 50. Furthermore, the MACD is negative. 

The next support is found at $47,680, created by the 0.786 Fib retraceme ... Read more »

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Biden's capital gains tax story is the key headline doing the rounds but in the crypto space, there's a lot of rumours floating about Yellen proposing a 80% capital gains tax on cryptocurrencies in particular.

On the latter, it's quite hard to believe that Yellen would be taking the lead in terms of proposing such policies, so believe what you want with the rumours.

There are no firm reports (besides Twitter talk) on that, for what it's worth.

In any case, Bitcoin is facing pressure under $50,000 currently as price breaks towards its 100-day moving average (red line) for the first time since October last year.

Of note, the drop also snaps the uptrend momentum in which buyers have kept since th ... Read more »

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The price of bitcoin dropped below the psychologically important $50,000 level on Friday, as worries over rising U.S. taxes filtered over to cryptocurrencies, adding to recent pressure already simmering on those alternative investments.

Bitcoin prices BTCUSD, -6.08% last changed hands at $49,225, a slide of nearly 10% over 24 hours and a level not seen since early March, according to Coindesk. Losses were spread across other cryptocurrencies, with ether  ETHUSD, -9.64%,  on the ethereum network, also droppping around 10% over the same time period, trading at $2,219. XRP  XRPUSD, -17.07%,  which is pegged to Ripple, has lost 21% in 24 hours, last trading at a new high of $1.00.

The fresh losses for bitcoin ... Read more »

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TOKYO, April 23 (Reuters) - Cryptocurrency Ether pulled back sharply from a record high and rival Bitcoin also fell on Friday amid speculation that U.S. President Joe Biden’s plan to raise capital gains taxes will curb investment in digital assets.

The drops came after Biden on Thursday unveiled a raft of proposed changes to the U.S. tax code, including a plan to nearly double taxes on capital gains to 39.6% for people earning more than $1 million.

But while social media lit up with posts about the plan hurting cryptocurrencies, and individual investors complaining about losses, traders and analysts said declines are likely temporary amid growing retail and institutional investor acceptance of digital currencies as a legitimate asset class.

“That’s what everyone is talking about now,” Chris Weston, ... Read more »

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The bitcoin vs. gold debate between gold financier Frank Giustra and the pro-bitcoin Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor took place this week. In what viewers call an “epic” debate and a “historic” event, Saylor packed his arguments full of facts to convince Giustra to sell his gold and invest in bitcoin. Giustra, however, attacked how Saylor and the crypto community promote the cryptocurrency, calling it “cult behavior.”

The Bitcoin vs Gold Debate Between Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra

The debate between gold financier Frank Giustra and Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor on the topic of bitcoin vs. gold premiered on Wednesday. The two-hour debate was hosted by Stansberry R ... Read more »

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