Cryptocurrency investing generally isn’t for me. These happen to be highly-volatile assets, and remain highly-speculative in nature as well. Accordingly, any such stock with the potential for double-digit swings on a daily basis is one I want to avoid right now.

That said, this market remains a highly speculative one today. Many stocks trade with higher volatility levels right now. The argument could be made that Bitcoin and its crypto peers are simply reflecting the broad sentiment of investors today.

Let’s dive into what’s been going on with Bitcoin of late, as it loses momentum in recent days.

Bitcoin’s volatile moves
Today, Bitcoin prices are up more than 6%, at the time of writing.

That pretty much sums up my volatility argument from before. However, investors should also remember ... Read more »

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Bitcoin has continued its recovery from the dip it saw just a week ago. The top crypto has shot up by over $4,000 in the past 24 hours to hit a new two-week high. BTC is trading at $57,706 at press time, up by just over 6 percent in the past 24 hours. The crypto has shrugged off the expiry of $4 billion in options which historically has dragged its price down.

As Crypto News Flash reported on April 23, Bitcoin dipped below $50,000 for the first time since late February. At the time, Bitcoin had been bleeding for nine days since hitting its all-time high at $64,940. However, once the Coinbase IPO hype died down, Bitcoin’s price followed it.

The top crypto is now back on the green.

Bitcoin unfazed by options expi ... Read more »

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Cryptocurrencies are booming this year. If you're wondering whether to invest or which coins to buy, you might be interested to learn that billionaire entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast Mark Cuban is big on Bitcoin. Here's why.

Mark Cuban likes Bitcoin, but not as a currency
When it launched in 2009, Bitcoin was lauded as the world's first digital currency. Built with blockchain technology, the idea was to enable payments without a middleman such as a bank.

But Cuban, who said about 60% of his crypto is in Bitcoin, 30% in Ethereum, and 10% in other coins, disagrees.

Speaking on The Delphi Podcast, Cuban explained that when it comes to Bitcoin being a digital currency, "It's not going to work." In his mind, "It's too hard. It's too slow. There's a limit on the transactions.&q ... Read more »

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