Ether, the cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain, hit a record high on Tuesday.

Though it is still second behind bitcoin in market value, there is growing excitement surrounding Ethereum and its capabilities.

According to billionaire investor Mark Cuban, “the number of transactions and the diversity of transaction types along with the development efforts in Ethereum dwarf bitcoin,” he tells CNBC Make It. “The utilization of Ethereum is much higher.”

First, the Ethereum blockchain consistently processes more transactions per second than bitcoin’s, making payments faster and more productive.

Second, it can support the creation of applications. Ethereum is known for it ... Read more »

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Peshkam tells Magazine that Li’s statement goes beyond recognizing BTC as just another investment asset, which is scarcely an earth-shaking revelation. China now sees crypto “as a future potential currency in global trade.”

Using Google Trends data from 2014 to the present, Peshkam notes that interest in Bitcoin within China — i.e., among its domestic population — follows a similar pattern as in the U.S., as well as the world at large, as measured by the number of searches for the word “Bitcoin.” Ignoring this growing interest on the part of its populace “might not be economically and financially prudent for the country in the long run, thus the shift” in Chinese policy, opines Peshkam.

China’s DC/EP will probably become “the main means of daily trade from grocery s ... Read more »

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What if you could program a system that recognized a Bitcoin signing key as belonging to a certain owner, without that key ever existing previously on the blockchain? That’s one of the use cases in Episode #4 of “Bitcoin Class with Satoshi“, the new series of Bitcoin development videos featuring sCrypt founder Xiaohui Liu and Dr. Craig S. Wright.

Dr. Wright reminds everyone that “Bitcoin addresses” as we may know them are not part of Bitcoin’s original design—in fact, the addresses we use to send and receive Bitcoin can take almost any form we like, as long as the private key used for signing can be validated.

“It’s not part of Bitcoin, it’s not part of the template,” he says. “Too much effort has been put into these piffy little address functions I set up in ... Read more »

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According to Mayor Francis Suarez, they want Miami to become the best crypto mining capital in the future.
New York has issued a bill to stop BTC mining for three years.
Francis Suarez, the Mayor of Miami, has tweeted that Miami is moving to start Bitcoin (BTC) mining with good nuclear energy in the upcoming days.


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The global perception of Bitcoin is dynamic, dividing opinion between those who understand it and those who don’t. Blockchain technology is not easy to understand and, given its complexities, that leads to “achieving no single point of failure.” Affordances of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are foreshadowed by dissimilarities with existing technological innovations.

Bitcoin’s media exposure is increasing exponentially as the price of the currency rises. Opinions on Bitcoin are heavily focused on its price and its disruptive nature, with the likes of Warren Buffet reemphasizing Bitcoin’s flawed nature. While besmirching Bitocin started as early as 2015 when Bitcoin piqued the interest of many economists, to this day it still divides opinions.

Bitcoin Can’t Catch a Break

Bitcoin critic ... Read more »

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