Polkadot has risent more than 1,200% since trading began in September, 2020, and it now the eight largest altcoin by market capitalization.
Greg King, CEO and founder of Osprey Funds, recently launched the Osprey Polkadot Trust, a fund based on the Polkadot coin for private placement.
Speaking to David Lin, anchor for Kitco, King said that one of the reasons for Polkadot’s dramatic rise in value is due to “alt season,” a time when altcoins outperform the ...

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A deeper dive into bitcoin’s fundamentals and recent market trends shows that the price bull run is nowhere near its top.

Bitcoin has been consolidating around the $1 trillion market capitalization threshold for almost three months, which is a very healthy development during a bitcoin bull market. So, what’s happening behind the scenes, and how should investors be thinking about the recent price action of bitcoin?

Let’s dig in.

BTC price action over the last three months 
Long-Term Trend Still Clear: Bull Market Far From Over
While it is true that at the time of writing BTC is trading at a price it first saw 75 days ago, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about in terms of ... Read more »

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Bitcoin has witnessed an evolution in its adoption over the years. Even though it is an asset that is gaining more and more institutional interest, the crypto community’s flagship currency has been the best-performing asset class of the decade. In a time period of 10 years, Bitcoin returned its investors 10 times more than Wall Street’s Nasdaq 100.

Talking on similar lines in a recent Podcast, Peter Doyle, co-founder and MD of Horizon Kinetics, claimed, 

“The investment community is going to get behind this… It [Bitcoin] is kind of a battery in transporting wealth to the future without losing any of its charge.”

Claiming that he “philosophically cheers” for Bitcoin on a ... Read more »

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You might be excited at the stamp of approval this gives bitcoin from the old guard. It will also allow many investors to much more easily gain exposure to bitcoin through current accounts at big banks. These are huge positives for a new commodity that’s rapidly gaining recognition as a revolutionary instrument for storing value over time.

However, as with many financial products on Wall Street, the people of Main Street should tread with caution. Big banks are not known for having the interests of the average Joe in mind.

The biggest hidden danger of a bitcoin ETF, though, goes deeper than the big banks. It goes all the way to the most powerful governments and the source of the world’s current reserve currency.< ... Read more »

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The team at Bloomberg has released their monthly Crypto Outlook report in which they point out that ‘Ethereum is to fintech and digitization what Bitcoin is to Gold’.

According to the report, the world is shifting towards the digitization of finance and Ethereum is best placed to revolutionize the old way of doing things. Furthermore, in terms of price, investors seeking whole units of a digital asset will most likely view Ethereum in a favorable manner when compared to Bitcoin.

They explain the two phenomena as follows.

The world is rapidly going digital, and Ethereum appears as similar a threat to old-guard finance as Bitcoin is to gold…

For investors seeking whole units, the No. 2 crypto has a price advantage vs. No. 1 Bitcoin, but the bottom line for ETH is that it’s the go-to platform ... Read more »

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The crypto tracking website of Coinmarketcap has listed Bitcoin’s smallest unit of Satoshi (SATS).

Satoshi (SATS) is currently ranked 4,988 on the tracking website with a value of $0.0005846 or 0.00000001 BTC as seen in the following screenshot.

Coinmarketcap is Now Tracking Bitcoin's Smallest Unit, Satoshi (SATS) 14

It Might Be Time to Switch to Satoshi – Mike Novogratz
The idea of introducing the smallest unit of Bitcoin to BTC traders and investors was suggested by the CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, earlier today.

According to Mr. Novogratz, too many people see Bitcoin as being too expensive and a switch to its lowest denomination would remove the idea that BTC is out of reach for the regular investor.

At the current value of $0.0005845, one Satoshi paints a picture of an af ... Read more »

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