Although a new report released earlier this week noted that the influence Elon Musk has on the crypto market has drastically fallen, this remains to be seen. On Friday, his comments about Bitcoin seemed to affect prices derailing it from staging a much-needed comeback.

Earlier in the week, the digital asset had climbed as high as $39,000. Since Bitcoin dropped below $40,000 last month, the crypto king has struggled to get above this level. In the last 24 hours, the coin has wiped out roughly $2,000 to go back to the $36,000 position. Market pundits are blaming the latest plunge on Elon Musk who has been tweeting about cryptocurrency and specifically expressing a detachment to Bitcoin.

The Tesla CEO has hinted at a split with ... Read more »

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In the early hours of Friday morning, the Bitcoin provocateur was back stirring the digital pot with another tweet, this time depicting a broken heart.

The cryptic tweet hinted at a potential split with Bitcoin, which is currently down 42% from its all-time high of $65K in mid-May.

Musk had already ignited the selloff with his flip-flop on the digital asset last month, citing environmental concerns due to its power consumption.

Tron Network founder Justin Sun was quick to jump into the scene, stating:

“I will buy all the Bitcoin that Elon Musk sells”

The move was even noted by mainstream media with Bloomberg headlining “Bitcoin Dips After Musk Tweets Broken-Heart Emoji for Token.”

Further down the thread, he tweeted, “Make-up sex is the best tho,” suggesting that ... Read more »

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