Barry Campbell is president of Campbell Strategies Government Relations and Communications, and a former member of Parliament and parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Finance.

A bit of history is the best guide to what is about to happen to private digital currencies such as bitcoin. No, it’s not the tempting comparison to bursting asset bubbles, but the history of the demise of private paper money.

From the creation of the Dominion of Canada until the mid-1940s, Canadian chartered banks were permitted to issue paper banknotes (hence the name) in various denominations. Dozens of commercial banks did so. These banknotes were backed by the general assets of the issuing bank.

Think Canadian Tire money. But, ... Read more »

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk now has a new profile picture on his Twitter account – the anime Japanese girl in a dress with a Bitcoin logo on it.

Is he trying to impact the market again?

Musk brings back his old Bitcoin profile pic
Earlier this year, Musk already brought this avatar back – on February 19, warning that it was “just for a day”. This girl has also got "laser eyes" now.

The billionaire did it shortly after Tesla announced its massive BTC purchase worth $1.5 billion and later spreading the word about starting to accept Bitcoin as payment for Tesla cars.

Back then, Musk tagged Bitcoin in his Twitter bioi section, thus pushing the flagship crypto’s price from the ... Read more »

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