The Bitcoin Mining Council has gone live, launching its own website detailing its members and the mission statement of the organization. The council originated as a closed organization, but they are now allowing any miner to join. While Michael Saylor gets a founding member status, the site states Elon Musk has “no role” in the council.

Bitcoin Mining Council Officially Launches

The Bitcoin Mining Council, an organization born out of worries regarding Bitcoin’s energy consumption, launched officially yesterday. On the website, the council presents its mission statement. It also explains the plan to tackle the task of addressing bitcoin energy worries. The site states:

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Cryptocurrencies are surely one of the hotly debated topics across the globe. There’s always an ambiguity surrounding the usage and permissibility of crypto assets. Various government entities fear that crypto holds the tremendous power to disrupt the financial and banking sector & it will surely replace the existing financial systems present across the globe. This is 21st century & with the growing technological advancements, the world is rapidly getting acclimatized into the domain of crypto currencies. With this move, some government entities are also changing their perception of cryptocurrencies. The recent legalization of bitcoin in El Salvador can be construed as a prime example of this which apparently came as good news ... Read more »

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In a series of raids, Malaysian officials have taken down multiple Bitcoin mining operations posing as basic shophouses. In total, the authorities have seized over 400 Bitcoin mining machines.

Overall, the costs for these mining machines amount up to RM180,000. Specifically, that stacks up to $43,800. The raids went down in George Town, Penang.

Assistant Commissioner, Soffian Santong, led the charge. The task force held members from the state criminal investigation department, district police headquarters, and Tenaga Nasional. In particular, this team stormed shophouses to bust the illegal Bitcoin miners.

The raid began at 11:30 PM and went on till 3 AM on Friday, June 11. Following after, the officials found the cri ... Read more »

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Now that Elon Musk seems have finished tweeting about bitcoin, the overall movement that is pushing the cryptocurrency higher is taking hold again.

Musk’s latest tweet showed  “#Bitcoin” with a broken heart emoji and a reference to a lyric from the popular song “In the End” by Linkin Park: “I tried so hard and got so far; but in the end it doesn’t even matter; I had to fall to lose it all; But in the end it doesn’t even matter.”

Now the whole cryptocurrency industry fervently hopes that Musk will find some other form of amusement – they wish he’d never heard of bitcoin.

And bitcoin was on the rise again, up 13 per cent to $37,176.44 early Thursday ... Read more »

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