n the eyes of its critics, Bitcoin can’t win. The normal knock on it is that it is way too volatile, whereas a month of relative stability, such as the one we have seen recently, is criticized as evidence that the boom is over.

The first criticism would have some merit if those getting involved in Bitcoin had no market knowledge at all, weren’t aware of the investing risks, and needed their hands held by people who have completely missed out on the big move. The second doesn’t even have that redeeming factor.

When other assets had a period of stability after volatility, the consensus view was that it was consolidating. And what was to follow would be a steadier and more controlled run up. Yet, for some reas ... Read more »

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The bitcoin price is back above the USD 35,000 level after rising more than 5% in the past 24-hour period. The rising tide of the bitcoin price has lifted the broader cryptocurrency market, with the top 10 coins currently trading in the green. With bitcoin USD 40K within a stone’s throw, the bulls have wrestled back control from the bears — at least for now.
investment bank Morgan Stanley. In an SEC filing, the Wall Street firm revealed it has scooped up more than 28,000 shares of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, which is a fan favorite among institutional investors. The bullish sentiment lifted spirits among investors, who just days ago watched in fear as the bitcoin price dipped below the USD 30K level.

This is not Morgan Stanley’s first crypto rodeo, as the firm was among the first movers on Wall Street to offer its ... Read more »

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One of the world’s biggest individual bitcoin holders, Mircea Popescu, has reportedly died in Costa Rica at the age of 41, leading to uncertainty over the $1 billion in cryptocurrency he leaves behind.
The billionaire drowned at Playa Hermosa de Garabito, Puntarenas, in Costa Rica, according to a Spanish-language publication, Teletica.com, which described the deceased as a “41-year-old foreigner.”

Popescu, a Romanian entrepreneur and blogger, launched bitcoin securities exchange MPEx in 2012,  and was something of an evangelist for cryptocurrency.

His fortune would have been worth nearly $2 billion during bitcoin’s mid-April peak this year, but has since likely decreased dramatically. He re ... Read more »

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Cryptocurrencies were unable to hold their best levels on Monday with selling interest on rallies. In particular, there was significant bitcoin selling interest above the $35,000 level. There was another rally attempt in New York trading which also faded quickly and bitcoin retreated to $34,000.

The ban on Binance in the UK had only limited impact, although there was further choppy trading with bitcoin around $34,700 on Tuesday. Ether was able to post significant gains and held the advance with a move to $2,100 after the European close and held just above $2,100 on Tuesday.

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... Read more »

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With the ongoing unfolding of the ‘hashrate migration’ away from China, bitcoin’s hashrate dropped significantly.

According to Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures,

“Bitcoin mining is a largely self-contained industry. Banning mining does little to inhibit bitcoin transactions or exchanges – they are totally distinct concerns.”

Peter Smith, Blockchain.com co-founder and CEO, recently stated his opinion that “it’s actually fantastic news for the Bitcoin ecosystem.” He added,

“You’re going to see a diversification of mining operations around the world. We’ve been seeing that trend over the last two years, as large mines are built in Europe, ... Read more »

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