Investment bank, JPMorgan Chase, have informed bitcoin investors that the most popular cryptocurrency will still crash below the $30,000 mark, and other analysts support this forecast.

Analysts of the American-based company, Josh Younger and Veronica Mejia Bustamante, made the projection in a note concerning the outlook of the crypto market.

They stated that the bitcoin price will fall to about $25,000, that’s 27.5 percent drop when Ripples Nigeria compared the forecast to the current price which is $34,520.28 according to Coindesk.

Bustamante and Younger said the meltdown will soon take place as investors in the bitcoin community will start selling off to cash-in on their investment.

Ripples Nigeria understands that the sell off will either be triggered by effort to protect loses on the part of late comers o ... Read more »

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Bill Gates is best known for co-founding Microsoft, but the billionaire entrepreneur has been involved in many other ventures as well -- including running a huge charitable foundation.

He clearly knows a lot about technology and about finances. As a result of his knowledge, it can pay to listen to his advice about Bitcoin if you're thinking about investing in the popular cryptocurrency.

So what does Gates have to say about it?

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This is Bill Gates's advice about Bitcoin
Gates addressed the issue of investing in Bitcoin in a conversation about Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Bi ... Read more »

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The Bitcoin-Ethereum race has been in place ever since Ethereum comfortably took its spot as the number two cryptocurrency with a market cap dominance of 17.24%. 

Bitcoin’s popularity fell further after the long-fought Bitcoin energy debate resurfaced when Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that his company had suspended vehicle purchases using Bitcoin owing to its energy consumption concerns. That coupled with the recent crypto market bloodbath had pushed many skeptics to reallocate their portfolios. 

Amid this, the host of the Mad Money show, Jim Cramer was another Bitcoin bull turned Ethereum fan. Cramer in a recent interview explained why he preferred Ethereum to Bitcoin:

“I like Ethereum because ... Read more »

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In the very unstable market that we currently see Bitcoin in, Bitcoin investors and proponents have not backed down on price predictions. In fact, during bear markets, it is almost traditional that many proponents come up with some of the most bullish price predictions, mainly centered around where they see the assets in the long term.

$100k-$200,000, but in the long term
Last year, although many bitcoin investors and proponents envisioned a significant price surge in the future, not many saw the asset hitting the levels that it did back in February.

One of the few analysts who accurately predicted that Bitcoin was headed for $60,000, also noted that Bitcoin would shave off $30,000 of that price. Both of Harry Hurst&rs ... Read more »

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Bitcoin bulls did their best, pushing to very strong resistance at 35500/36000 but they just could not beat 36500. Only a break above here is a short term buy signal. However bulls also need a break above 37500 for a better buy signal.

Ripple topped exactly at strong resistance at 0.7300/7350 in another absolutely perfect call. Shorts here worked perfectly as we collapsed towards the first target of 0.6340/6260.

Ethereum managed an unexpected bounce back above the 200 day moving average support at 1900 for a short term buy signal targeting first resistance at 2150/2200. Prices have reversed form here in the bear trend.

Daily analysis
Bitcoin shorts at very strong resistance at 35500/36000 working perfectly today. A break above 36500 however is a short term buy signal. Bulls also need a break above 37500 for a better ... Read more »

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Large Bitcoin addresses are on the move again after the recent volatility in the world’s most valuable digital asset. According to Whale Alert, a Bitcoin whale account transferred 6,713 BTC from a digital wallet to Xapo.

Whale Alert mentioned that the transaction was executed on Tuesday 29 June at 1:17 UTC. The total value of the transfer stands at around $230 million. The latest movement from the mentioned Bitcoin wallet came nearly 4 weeks after a leading BTC account moved 4,997 coins from a crypto wallet to digital exchange, Bitfinex.

Bank Account Alternative. Business Account IBAN.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency is currently going through a bearish market as the overall sentiment has remained nega ... Read more »

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