The fifth and seventh banks largest assets  in the United States U.S. Bancorp and PNC Financial Services Group were among the financial institutions that have reacted to the authorities' permission for banks to hold cryptographic keys from cryptocurrency wallets.

Representatives of the organizations were among those who responded to the proposal of the Office of the Comptroller of the Circulation (OCC) in the US Treasury Department to explain how cryptocurrencies and other fintech tools can find application in the financial sector.

Director of Digital Assets in the U.S. Bancorp Dominique Venturo noted that the OCC and other banking regulators should issue directives regarding the cryptocurrency and DLT services market ... Read more »

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Riot Blockchain hashrate will increase by 45% after connecting 1000 new Antminer S19 Pro miners from Bitmain.

Riot Blockchain has received one of three batches of miners

Riot Blockchain, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIOT) ("Riot" or the "Company"), has received 1,000 S19 Pro miners, the first of three orders cumulatively totaling 3,040, S19 and S19 Pro Antminers from BitmainTech PTE. LTD. ("Bitmain"), at Coinmint's Massena, New York facility. Deployment of these 1,000 new S19 Pro generation miners has commenced and is expected ... Read more »

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Minergate is designed to mine cryptocurrency using the resources of your computer.

Minergate is designed to mine cryptocurrency using the resources of your computer
Image Of minergate miner

Minergate is an online cryptocurrency miner that allows you to mine bitcoin, Monero and other virtual money. However, security providers detect this as dangerous SOFTWARE because it can log in without user permission and use computer resources (CPU) for mining.

The so-called Minergate virus can work like a Trojan horse. So it can pretend to be a useful program. For this reason, users are often tricked into installing them without suspecting anything wrong. However, security experts often remind you to stay away from dubious download sources to avoid malware.

In addition, the Minergate threat can be promoted in software packages and get into the system when the user incorrectly installs free SOFTWARE. Once inside, it can make changes to the system to run the ... Read more »

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According to analysts, while Facebook is preparing to unveil its response to bitcoin, China is about to introduce its own digital currency that will allow the government and Central Bank to see what people are spending their money on.

Unlike the libertarian ideals of cryptocurrency, whose anonymity allows users to buy and sell without leaving a digital footprint, China's electronic cash system will be tightly regulated, experts say, and run by the people's Bank of China, the Central Bank.

This "will give the PBOC a deeper understanding of transactions across the country," analysts at Beijing-based research firm Trivium China said.

In late September, Central Bank Gover ... Read more »

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Categories of cloud mining

Hosted Mining: rent a machine provided by a cloud mining provider. You will have physical equipment.
Virtual Hosted Mining: Your own virtual private server with mining software installed.
Leased hashing power: allocate a portion of the company's hashing power without the need for a physical or virtual machine. (This is the most popular method of cloud mining).

To avoid fraud

The cryptocurrency sphere is filled with scammers. Almost every day, headlines highlight the latest ICO scams, where scammers have used ICOS as a front to raise money for a fake company and then run away with all the money. The case is no different for mining, pool mining and clo ... Read more »

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State Street, one of the world's largest Depository banks, holding more than $ 30 trillion, or more than 10% of the world's total assets, is gearing up for blockchain, the hyped record-keeping technology known for Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency ,

"We're seeing assets start to be digitized," says Jay Biancamano, head of digital assets and blockchain at state street capital markets. "Trickle, trickle, trickle - and then we believe there will be a flood."

... Read more »

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When it comes to bitcoin production, China is the leading power in the world. The people's Republic prides itself on the largest mining companies and dominates the production of chips and other equipment used for bitcoin mining. An American startup wants to change all that with a bold plan to make Texas a global bitcoin mining hub.

On Tuesday, San Francisco-based Layer1 announced It had raised $ 50 million from billionaire Peter Thiel and others to move forward with its plan, which calls for launching its own power plant and acquiring solar and wind power produced in the West Texas plains.

According to co-founder Alex Ligle, the Layer1 facility will ... Read more »

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Most of us heard or read stories about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, blockchain and so on over the past few years. Few of us, however, understand what those terms mean. Given that those technologies are probably here to stay, writers and readers alike would benefit from a basic understanding of the terminology involved. Below you will find an initial list with 32 terms. We plan to update it as new ones appear.

1. Bitcoin Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency. It is the first and most famous cryptocurrency, having being launched in 2009 by an unknown person or organization under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The main goal of Bitcoin is to create a currency that doesn’t rely on a central authority or government, as this feature should give it many benefits, including lower ... Read more »
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By Thursday, September 26, the flagship cryptocurrency stopped declining sharply and is looking for a foothold around $ 8399.

On the weekly chart of bitcoin, we see the completion of the correction movement in the "Triangle" format, since a strong impulse to decline has broken through the previous support, and the current dynamics format takes the form of a classic downward channel. Quotes reached Fibonacci 50% and may continue to decline, says Dmitry Gurkovsky, lead analyst at RoboForex. A break of the resistance level at $ 9850 may signal the end of the correctional phase and the start of a new growth wave to the peak - $ 13 857.2. And after updating the maximum quotes may rise to around $ 15,550.
Additionally, it is ... Read more »

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The Bitcoin hash has dropped sharply by 30% - from 98 EH / s to 67 EH / s, according to the information of the and portals. The amount of computing power is often experiencing sharp fluctuations, but the last decline was the largest in a long time.

According to Coindesk, the Chinese government has begun the liquidation of illegal bitcoin mining enterprises in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. These actions are only part of the plan proposed by the Chinese government in April to completely eradicate digital currency production in the country.

Thus, the restrictive actions of the Chinese authorities have caused a decrease in hashrate, i.e. the total volume of cryptocurrenc ... Read more »

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