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Bitcoin rallied to over $19,000 in the same week that saw President-elect Joe Biden’s decision to appoint Keynesian economist Jenet Yellen as the next US Treasury Secretary.

Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder/partner at New York-based Morgan Creek Digital Assets, noted that Ms. Yellen’s economic management style complements Bitcoin’s bullish case. In his note to investors published Tuesday, the macro analyst said the former Federal Reserve Chairman has a tolerance for bubbles and inflation.

“Janet Yellen is likely to be Bitcoin’s greatest ally over the coming 4-8 years,” explained Mr. Pompliano. “She has never seen an opportunity to print money ... Read more »

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Nov. 24 is generating the second-highest daily price ever for Bitcoin, with November already its best month in terms of dollar gains.

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently having its second-highest trading day ever as BTC/USD is hitting a new multiyear high of $19,330. 

Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView provides a cause for celebration on Nov. 24 after Bitcoin suddenly tackled $19,000 resistance.

BTC price sees second-best day ever

Against a backdrop of rapid gains and the temptation of breaking all-time highs around $20,000, the achievement has not gone unnoticed on Bitcoin figures.

Ryan Selkis, founder of data resource Messari, noted that on only one day in its existence has Bitcoin traded a ... Read more »

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What price high must Bitcoin hit to account for the past three years of U.S. dollar inflation?

Bitcoin's (BTC) price rose to almost $20,000 in 2017 before losing more than 80% of its value to a multi-year long bear market. In the years since, the asset has never again come close to these price highs — until now. At time of publication, crypto's first currency is once again trading a few percentage points away from its previous milestone.

While crossing $20,000 may soon be celebrated as a psychologically significant threshold, Bitcoin will not actually reach its all-time high in terms of buying power at that point thanks to inflation.

“If you bought #Bitcoin at the top in December 2017, you won&rsquo ... Read more »

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Dan Tapiero told Anthony Pompliano that $15 trillion in institutional capital could flow into Bitcoin, pushing prices as high as $500,000.

Gold Bullion International co-founder Dan Tapiero believes that it’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin’s price surges into the six-figure threshold. 

Speaking to Anthony Pompliano on the Pomp Podcast, Tapiero asserted that in terms of price appreciation Bitcoin is the king, even though he believes investors should own both gold and Bitcoin:

“In the next five years, I can see gold at $4,000, so that’s double. But if gold is at $4,000, Bitcoin is probably somewhere between $300,000 and $500,000, so that’s ... Read more »

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Bitcoin reached $19,000 quickly after it plunged to $18,000 following an XRP flash crash on Coinbase.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) surpassed $19,000 on Nov. 24 for the first time in nearly three years. It followed an XRP flash crash on Coinbase, which trembled the crypto market.

The two incidents could be entirely coincidental. Although considering that BTC price surged almost immediately after the XRP drop, there could be a correlation.

BTC/USDT 4-hour ... Read more »

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The Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate exchanged Bitcoin, Ether and Monero for 6.4 million euro.

The Lithuanian government has reportedly sold a batch of cryptocurrency seized by local enforcement agencies.

The State Tax Inspectorate, or STI, the country’s tax authority, sold confiscated crypto assets worth 6.4 million euro ($7.6 million) and subsequently added the funds to the state budget.

According to an official announcement on Nov. 24, the seized crypto assets included major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) as well as privacy-focused altcoin Monero (XMR).

The STI said this is the first time that the agency has sold seized crypto for fiat. “The conversion of cryptocurrencies into eu ... Read more »

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In remarks that highlight flaws of the fiat currency system, the European Central Bank (ECB) president, Christine Lagarde, says the institution cannot go bankrupt even if it incurs losses running into trillions. According to Lagarde, normal bankruptcy rules do not apply to the ECB primarily because it is the sole issuer of euro-denominated central bank money. The Eurosystem will always be able to generate additional liquidity as needed.

Bankruptcy Rules Not Applicable to ECB

The ECB leader made her remarks while responding to a question from an Italian member of the European Parliament. According to a Reuters report, an unequivocal Lagarde argues that central banks and the ECB in ... Read more »

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Cryptocurrency intelligence firm Ciphertrace has filed two patent applications for tools and systems to trace monero transactions. The company aims to enable the detection of criminal uses of privacy coins like monero.

Monero Tracing Patents

Blockchain analytics and cryptocurrency intelligence firm Ciphertrace announced Friday that it has filed two monero tracing patents. One patent is called “Techniques and Probabilistic Methods for Tracing Monero” and the other is “Systems and Methods for Investigating Monero.”

They two patents cover a number of areas, including “Forensic tools to explore monero transaction flows to assist in financial inves ... Read more »

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Bitcoin outperforms JPMorgan in terms of market capitalization shortly after the firm’s CEO said Bitcoin “is not my cup of tea.”

Amid an ongoing parabolic bull run, Bitcoin (BTC) is breaking another major milestone in terms of its market capitalization against American banking giant JPMorgan.

On Nov. 24, Bitcoin surpassed the $19,000 price mark for the first time since December 2017, breaking another all-time record in its market cap.

At publishing time, Bitcoin’s market cap is $352 billion, up from $345 billion 24 hours ago.

According to data from Macro Trends, JPMorgan’s market cap closed at $349 billion on Nov. 23. Earlier this year, JPMorgan’s market cap dropped to as low ... Read more »

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Crypto is again capturing the attention of the mainstream media, with the home page of today’s Wall Street Journal discussing Bitcoin’s 80% rally since reclaiming five-figure prices.

After rallying 80% in two months, Bitcoin (BTC) is recapturing media interest from the top end of town, with The Wall Street Journal discussing the cryptocurrency’s adoption among institutional investors on the site’s home page on Nov. 23.

The report notes that Bitcoin has recently found support from “Wall Street billionaires” Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller, alongside other public figures including a sports radio host.

WSJ’s coverage comes following a lull in Bitcoin’s presence in ... Read more »

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