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Bitcoin barely reacted to today’s CME futures expiry, but is this a bullish or bearish signal?

Today’s Bitcoin (BTC) futures expiry was lackluster both in terms of price impact and volume. Open interest dropped by a mere $157 million, barely moving from its $5 billion mark. 

As CoinTelegraph correctly predicted yesterday, this most recent CME Bitcoin futures expiry was irrelevant. Some $125 million worth of August contracts were set to liquidate today, although preliminary data indicates less than $40 million were not rolled over for the upcoming months. 

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has published a new filing for a bitcoin fund, submitted by Fidelity Investments’ head of strategy and planning.

Bitcoin Index Fund Filed With SEC

The SEC published Wednesday a Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities (Form D) filing for a new bitcoin fund. The issuer is Wise Origin Bitcoin Index Fund I, incorporated in Delaware this year. The minimum investment for this new bitcoin fund that will be accepted from any outside investor is $100,000. Fidelity Brokerage Services and Fidelity Distributors Company will receive sales compensation.

Peter Jubber, Head of Strategy and Planning at Fidelity Investments, is listed as “the Pre ... Read more »

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Bitcoin approaches the last weekly candle for the month of August. Traders discuss where BTC might be headed next in the short to long term.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is approaching the last weekly candle for the month of August. Some traders believe Bitcoin’s performance over the next two weeks could decide whether its price drops below $10,000 again or sees an extended uptrend.

The week’s weekly candle close coincides with the expiration of CME’s Bitcoin futures contracts and Deribit’s options contracts. It could potentially set a precedent for September, especially if Bitcoin closes above or below key levels.

In the short term, technical analysts generally consider $11,800 as the key level f ... Read more »

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The price of Bitcoin has shown resilience after the bears failed to push the price down below $11,200, which means the overall uptrend is still intact. 

As the price of Bitcoin (BTC) showed weakness in the past week, the crucial support zone around $11,200, nevertheless, held. Several arguments were given for the volatility throughout the week with Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole and the expiration of futures and options occurring over the past few days.

But more importantly, the crucial support level at $11,200 didn’t break, which means the focus now shifts back toward the resistance level at $12,000

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Another story that helped pave Bitcoin's early road to adoption.

Chris Maurice, CEO of Nigeria-based crypto exchange Yellow Card, made his first business venture into the crypto space back in 2015, selling Bitcoin (BTC) on eBay.

"We did that for about a week and we did over $40,000 in sales at a 100% markup," Maurice told Cointelegraph in an interview. "We were seeing stars at this point," he recounted, describing his euphoria at the time. 

The CEO first learned about Bitcoin in 2013 through a friend — Justin Poiroux, the co-founder of Yellow Card exchange, although Yellow Card was not formed until later, unrelated to the eBay endeavor. 

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China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has revised its rankings of 37 crypto projects. Bitcoin has fallen from the previous ranking.

As the Chinese government focuses on launching its central bank digital currency, the Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, continues to evaluate and rank crypto projects.

The center released its 19th ranking update on Wednesday. The ranking and evaluation work is carried out every two months. A total of 37 crypto projects were evaluated and ranked overall as well as in three separate categories: basic technology, applicability, and creativity.

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The American libertarian, economist and financial commentator Peter Schiff has been criticizing bitcoin for years, as he believes “bitcoin has no real value.” However, on Thursday Schiff asked the crypto community to give some bitcoin to his 18-year old son Spencer for his birthday and explained that his son “won’t lose his” wallet.

The Bitcoin community is well acquainted with Peter Schiff the economist and gold bug who has been knocking bitcoin for years. Every few days, Schiff has something to say about the cryptocurrency and it’s never anything positive.

Schiff’s Wiki says that “at times, [Peter Schiff] has remarked that he sees Bitcoin not as an alter ... Read more »

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The number of Bitcoin whales has hit a new all-time high, signalling that BTC is still in an accumulation phase.

In recent weeks, the number of Bitcoin (BTC) addresses holding over 1,000 BTC — often referred to as “whales” — rapidly increased to around 2,088. This trend started shortly after Bitcoin price crashed to $3,600 in March.

The data is relevant because historical data suggests that aggressive accumulation by large investors is typically a sign of a new bull cycle.

Throughout the past six years, Bitcoin has seen periods of inverse correlation between whale accumulation phases and BTC price. Whenever the number of addresses holding substantial amounts of BTC dropped off, the price of BTC ... Read more »

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Three key macro factors raise the probability of a prolonged Bitcoin bull market, but a short term correction is very likely.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has increased by nearly 30% since late June, from $8,905 to just under $11,500 as of press time. Following the strong rally of the dominant cryptocurrency, three macro factors point at an optimistic medium-term trend. These macro factors hint at a positive medium-term to long-term price cycle but suggest that in the near term, momentum will fade and a consolidation phase will happen.

As Cathy Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, discussed on the In the Know podcast, there is technically little resistance between $13,000 and BTC’s all-time high of $20,000. Wood noted that BTC might s ... Read more »

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Bitmain Technologies Inc. said Monday that Nasdaq-listed Riot Blockchain is buying 8,000 of its Antminer S19 Pro bitcoin miners in a deal worth $17.7 million.

In a blog post, the Chinese crypto mining hardware maker stated that the machines will be delivered in batches of 2,000 over four straight months starting January 2021.

“We are glad to continue and expand our cooperation with Riot. Riot is a long-term friend of ours, and we have witnessed and assisted them in building up a powerful mining operation in North America,” said Irene Gao, Bitmain’s Antminer sales director of NCSA Region.

“We believe this new purchase help will Riot expand a leading position in the market and ful ... Read more »

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