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The prevailing market volatility at the crypto market led to heavy losses of global investors’ funds when roughly $70 billion worth of crypto positions evaporated into thin air within a day.

The downward trend gained momentum immediately after the flagship crypto touched below the $45,000 value amid several large sell orders placed around that price.
Crypto pundits alike breathed a sigh of relief during the week when Bitcoin managed to retake $50,000 — with some proclaiming that the asset had experienced “healthy correction.” But this narrative proved shaky when BTC plunged yet again on Friday to lows of $44,500. Other top Crypto assets including Ethereum, Litecoin were down more than 8%. ... Read more »

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The next five years will see the first billion people opting to store their wealth using Bitcoin simply using mobile devices, says the MicroStrategy CEO.

Bitcoin (BTC) will be the savings method of choice for 1 billion people on their phones by 2026, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor predicted.

In an interview with CNBC on Feb. 23, Saylor, whose company owns in excess of 70,000 BTC, continued his public Bitcoin advocacy, calling it "the dominant digital monetary network."

Saylor: Billions will choose Bitcoin for savings

Saylor was speaking a day after United States Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen described Bitcoin as "inefficient," comments that accompanied a price dip of over 20% ... Read more »

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U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned about the dangers of bitcoin as the price of the cryptocurrency took a nosedive. She sees bitcoin as a highly speculative asset and is worried about potential losses investors can suffer. Yellen also believes that bitcoin is not widely used as a transaction mechanism due to its inefficiency, reiterating her view that the cryptocurrency is often used for “illicit finance.”

Janet Yellen’s Warning About Bitcoin

Janet Yellen has blasted bitcoin again Monday in an interview with CNBC at the New York Times Dealbook conference. The treasury secretary “issued a warning about the dangers that bitcoin poses both to investors and the public,&rdqu ... Read more »

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The publicly listed company Microstrategy announced that it has plans to purchase more bitcoin after acquiring 71,079 bitcoin during the last six months. On Tuesday, Microstrategy revealed its plans to sell $600 million in convertible senior notes to qualified institutional buyers in order to use the funds for bitcoin.

Selling Convertible Notes for Bitcoin

At around 7:59 a.m. (EST) on Tuesday morning, Microstrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) CEO, Michael Saylor tweeted about a new private sale his firm is committing to in order to sell $600 million in convertible senior notes. Microstrategy’s announcement says that the notes will be unsecured, senior obligations of Microstrategy, and will bear interest semi-annu ... Read more »

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The growing appetite of institutional investors means companies now hold more than 460,000 BTC, which is 3% of the total supply in circulation.

Institutional investors are rapidly gobbling up Bitcoin, and at the time of writing, nearly 3% of the Bitcoin (BTC) in circulation are locked up in long-term holdings by these investors.

Data shows that 24 entities have amassed more than 460,500 BTC, which is equivalent to $22 billion at Bitcoin's current price.

According to Michael Novogratz, this figure excludes the 3 million BTC forever lost, who estimates that a supply shortage could occur shortly if institutions keep up their current ... Read more »

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Blockchain analysis firm, Chainalysis’ latest crime report has named Mirror Trading International (MTI) as the biggest cryptocurrency scam of 2020. Chainalysis arrived at this conclusion after an investigation found that MTI had taken in $589 million from more than 471,000 deposits. According to the report, MTI’s haul is significantly higher than that of Forsage and J-enco, the next biggest scams. Both scams raked in less than $350 million each.

More South Afri ... Read more »

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Bitcoin has not yet been able to overcome the resistance at $ 47,500, and moved to a decline.  ... Read more »

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The price of bitcoin soared to new heights after Tesla informed the public that it added $1.5 billion to the company’s balance sheet. Bitcoin touched an all-time high (ATH) reaching $48,216 per unit and has retreated in value a hair since then. While crypto enthusiasts are bullish, a few supporters and analysts believe the crypto asset might be overbought, and bitcoin prices may see a drop as we cross over into the Chinese New Year.

The Crypto Economy’s Trillion-Dollar Market Cap Continues to Swell

Bitcoin (BTC) has seen significant gains during the last 24 hours as the cryptocurrency touched an ATH at $48,216 per coin. During the last hour, the crypto asset is exchanging hands for prices betwe ... Read more »

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Bitcoin has just exceeded the $40,000 level on Bitstamp exchange. Previously, BTC surpassed this level and soared to an all-time high of $41,941.56 on January 8 – data provided by CoinMarketCap.
After that, on January 15, the flagship crypto rose only as high as $39,187 and has been trading in a range since then, going below $33,000 a couple of times.

Three reasons why Bitcoin has soared above $40,000

Reason one is the acceleration of the Bitcoin hash rate. According t ... Read more »

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A recent downside correction in the Bitcoin market has done little to offset its long-term bullish bias, indicates Robbie Liu.

The OKEx investment analyst listed a flurry of trading data readings that showed the cryptocurrency facing limited downside risks. He noted that the last week’s “Musk rally” of more than $6,000 helped the bullish sentiment recover, adding that closing above the run-up’s peak may prompt BTC/USD to challenge $40,000—or even reclaim $42,000.

“The long/short ratio had little ups and downs during the week, hovering in a range of 1.07 to 1.53, and although prices kept moving higher, the ratio did not return to last Friday’s high of 1.80,&rd ... Read more »

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