ConsenSys partners with China’s Blockchain Service Network

ConsenSys has partnered with China’s Blockchain-based Service Network to accelerate the enterprise adoption of Ethereum apps in China.

ConsenSys, one of the world’s largest blockchain software companies, has partnered with the Blockchain-based Service Network, a Chinese government-backed nationwide blockchain project,

As part of the partnership, ConsenSys’ Ethereum-based distributed ledger protocol ConsenSys Quorum will be featured on the BSN ecosystem, the firm announced on Jan. 25. 

The protocol will be available in 80 different cities through BSN’s public city nodes across mainland China. ConsenSys director Charles d’Haussy told Cointelegraph that ConsenSys Quorum will be available in all major cities and provinces including Beijing, Xiong’an and Hangzhou.

ConsenSys’ GoQuorum — an open-source Ethereum client and part of ConsenSys Quorum — will be made interoperable with frameworks and protocols on the BSN through BSN’s Interchain Communications Hub. The BSN will also feature ConsenSys’ blockchain application suite known as ConsenSys Codefi, placing its apps like Orchestrate, Workflow, and Assets on the BSN marketplace.

ConsenSys Quorum will be packaged on the BSN with other mainstream permissioned and public blockchain networks to sell to businesses and governments. The BSN supports major blockchains like Ethereum, EOSIO, Tezos, Polkadot, and others.

Additionally, ConsenSys will cooperate with the BSN to provide training programs for the usage of ConsenSys Quorum in China. Yifan He, the executive director of the BSN Development Association, said that BSN will include Quorum in BSN’s training programs in 2021 to “substantially accelerate the enterprise adoption of blockchain technology and Ethereum-based solutions in China.”

Founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys is one of the world’s biggest companies building software products on top of the Ethereum blockchain. By entering the BSN, ConsenSys intends to tap a larger and deeper market in China, Lubin said:

“We believe that the different open source blockchain protocols need to interoperate, and with the BSN we are taking a significant step forward in bringing ConsenSys Quorum to many enterprises in China that could benefit from transparent collaborative business networks.”

The BSN is a Chinese government-supported blockchain initiative, backed by the State Information Center of China, a think tank under the National Development and Reform Commission. Piloted in late 2019, the BSN has become one of the largest global enterprise blockchain ecosystems, deploying more than 2,000 blockchain apps across enterprises and government organizations in China so far. In 2021, the BSN plans to complete the integration of 10 permissioned and 30 more public blockchain protocols.


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