Enjin enters the fashion world with augmented reality NFTs

A limited-supply virtual fashion collection is up for grabs while a new app allows holders to see it in the real world.

Enjin and MetaverseMe are partnering to bring virtual fashion items to the Ethereum blockchain, creating a line of tradable non-fungible tokens representing clothing for Metaverse avatars.

Enjin will be providing the infrastructure framework to host the NFTs, which can then be visualized in MetaverseMe, an augmented reality platform that lets users create customized avatars and see them interact with their real-world environment. Avatars can be dressed in a variety of fashion items, which are provably owned by the user through the Ethereum blockchain.

A showcase of the main features of the MetaverseMe app

The first collection available through the platform is called Pluriform, and it is designed through a collaboration with design studio The Fabricant and Atari, the gaming company that recently partnered with Enjin. The collection will be available until Feb. 28, after which any unsold NFTs will be burned to ensure the uniqueness of the collection.

In addition to visualizing the collection in the MetaverseMe app, the NFTs and their underlying items will be available in other virtual worlds that are part of the metaverse — Enjin’s initiative to connect separate videogames into a collective virtual universe. These include Atari’s intellectual property like the rebooted classic “Kick Off,” as well as Minecraft, thanks to Enjin’s plug-in.

Enjin's token has recently received regulatory approval by Japanese authorities, which had a strong impact on its price.


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