New Year has come!

2020 has been a challenging year overall, but for the crypto market it's the best year it has ever been. In%, they grew more in 2017, but then it was just a hype. And in 2020 there was organic growth based on quite understandable fundamental factors.

Now let's go through the key moments of the outgoing year on the crypto market.
January 1 - Bitcoin started the year at $ 7,230.
February 1 - we grow, already above $ 9000, Ether is even below $ 200.
But they are already starting to talk about the coronavirus.

February 14 - we update the annual maximums in capitalization and bounce off $ 10,500, the market capitalization goes above $ 300 billion.

The decline in Bitcoin and the entire market began, which ended in a collapse on March 12-13. The reason - the collapse of financial markets against the backdrop of coronpsychosis.
March 12-13 - Bitcoin dropped below $ 4000, market capitalization below $ 150 billion.

Then there was a rise, a return above $ 9000 for a couple of months, and a flat between $ 9000 and $ 10,500, which ended with the capture of the level and a quick breakthrough to $ 12K.

In August, it failed to gain a foothold above $ 12K, followed by a September correction to $ 9800. After that, the $ 12K level was finally taken, with the consolidation and subsequent update of ATH-2019.

Finally, on a significant day for Bitcoin, December 17, ATH was updated, the main cryptocurrency was fixed above $ 20K.

After that, the maximums were repeatedly updated, including today.
Bitcoin ATH at the end of 2020 may well be above $ 30K, there is still time.

What do we expect from the crypto market in 2021?

The factors that pushed Bitcoin under; 30K in 2020 remain and are even increasing. Therefore, in a year we expect to see the main cryptocurrency above $ 50K.

We expect market capitalization to be higher than $ 1.15-1.20 trillion.

Times will be bad for altcoins. Altseason will not affect everyone, outside the TOP-20, growth will be selective, the dominance index below 60% may not fall. XRP will surprise everyone in the first half of the year.

Of course, there will be no constant growth, the market does not work like that. There will definitely be a correction, moreover, I think that it is already close, and if there is no quick fixation of Bitcoin above $ 30K, then the account went on for days.
But the mid-term market direction is exclusively upward.

We wish our readers a Happy New Year! May 2021 bring everyone health, prosperity, good luck in markets and in life. And all the bad things will be crushed by the Bull's hooves.

Each of us has certain dreams.
When a plan is attached to a dream, it is no longer a dream, but a goal.
Make plans and fulfill them in order to summarize the victories and achievements in a year. Try to grow in your business and do it as best you can, and success is inevitable sooner or later.

But don't forget that money, markets, a growing portfolio are good things.
But what really matters is family and those close to you.

Happy New Year!
We wish you and your loved ones health and well-being in the coming 2021!

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