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Russia’s new bill brings it in line with U.K. legislators, though there is a distinction between the approach of the FCA and the State Duma.

Not unlike many other jurisdictions around the world, Russia has come to recognize the potential benefits and risks flowing from cryptocurrencies by taking its first step to define and codify digital assets.

The new Russian legislation dubbed “On Digital Financial Assets” sets a clear direction for the treatment of cryptocurrencies by authorities and how both individuals and businesses can handle them in everyday practice.

Nevertheless, the new legislation may give pause to payments companies and fintech companies keen on expanding into the Russian market. While ... Read more »

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While the cryptocurrency has declined from $12,400 to $10,000 in the past three weeks, the number of "accumulation addresses" has increased by 2% to 513,000, according to data source Glassnode.

"Lots of new daily buyers are coming in to absorb supply," Su Zhu, CEO of Singapore-based Three Arrows Capital, told CoinDesk in a Telegram chat.

Accumulation addresses are those that have at least two incoming non-dust transfers (representing minuscule amounts of bitcoin) and have never spent funds.

The metric excludes addresses belonging to miners and exchanges, and addresses active more than seven years ago to exclude lost coins.

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The founder of Begin India Think Tank says that bitcoin should be regulated as stock, which he believes is the legal status the cryptocurrency should get in India. He also believes that Bitcoin may be the most secure technology in our lifetimes.

How Bitcoin Should Be Regulated in India

Begin India Think Tank founder Deepak Kapoor has shared his view on how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be regulated in India in an interview published by local business magazine BW Businessworld on Sunday. Begin India Think Tank assists the Indian government and investigative agencies in fighting crimes involving cryptocurrencies.

On the legality of bitcoin, Kapoor stressed &ldquo ... Read more »

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A South African man has been charged with fraud in the Maryland District Court for allegedly scamming $28 million from over 1,000 investors.

Dennis Jali, a former resident of Maryland, targeted church-going African immigrants, promising them guaranteed returns on his supposed bitcoin (BTC) and foreign currency investment pool.

In a press statement, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said it jointly charged Jali and two accomplices for orchestrating the “Ponzi scheme”.

Arley Ray Johnson and John Frimpong, both of Maryland, fraudently solicited money from investors, who contributed $28 million to three companies – 1st Million LLC, Smart ... Read more »

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The cryptocurrency economy slid significantly on Thursday afternoon (ET), as the aggregate market cap of all the crypto coins shaved more than 10% during yesterday’s trading sessions. More than 12 hours later, a number of the top crypto assets are still down in value between 4-12%, and some digital coins saw even bigger losses during the last 48 hours.

Things change quickly in the crypto ecosystem, as digital currency proponents have been dealing with extremely volatile prices this week. For instance, bitcoin (BTC) touched a top on September 1, as prices touched $12,044 per coin on Tuesday.

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Bitcoin has seen some incredibly bearish price action throughout the past few days, with the cryptocurrency’s price declining to lows of $9,900 before being able to find some strong support.

The buying pressure here did prove to be rather significant, as it allowed the token to rally higher and once again stabilize within the lower-$10,000 region.

This mixed price action has done little to offer insight into its near-term trend, but it does appear that BTC is at a pivotal point.

Any sustained dip below $10,000 could cause it to post even further losses, whereas further strength may allow it to establish its $9,900 lows as a long-term bottom.

One analyst is noting that on-chain data seems to suggest that B ... Read more »

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Two new Bitcoin hacks have surfaced recently, showing the Electrum wallet still appears to be troubled by phishing efforts.

Two Electrum software wallet users have recently reported the loss of large sums of Bitcoin (BTC). One victim described the disappearance of 1,400 BTC, totaling $14,595,000 at press time, while another claimed 36.5 BTC, worth $380,512, as stolen. The events appear connected to a long-standing phishing scam affecting Electrum users since 2018. 

“Users need to be careful when dealing with their own keys, particularly when they are holding the keys to a wallet with a large amount of cryptocurrency as it makes them attractive to hackers,” Jason Lau, the chief operating officer of crypto excha ... Read more »

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The price of Bitcoin briefly dropped below $10,000, causing the entire cryptocurrency market to slump in a short period.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped to sub-$10,000 across major exchanges again on Sep. 5, marking two consecutive days of testing the crucial level. Other major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum’s Ether (ETH), fell by nearly 10%.

The daily chart of Bitcoin. Source: TradingView.com

Three factors likely contributed to the abr ... Read more »

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Bitcoin price yesterday tanked by 10% and this week alone fell 17% from high to low. The 24-hour collapse not only cut down valuations across crypto but it also immediately turned sentiment from extreme greed, to fear.

With three days left until the weekly close, and the market suddenly frightened, are things about to turn around over the Labor Day weekend?

24 Hour Crypto Market Collapse Sends Sentiment From Extreme Greed To Fear In A Flash

Because the crypto market is comprised of a wide range of investor types, and asset valuations are based on speculation primarily, the market is susceptible to fast and violent price movements. This volatility has made Bitcoin and other altcoins especia ... Read more »

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After reaching a point of extreme greed, the crypto market in a flash turned to fear. But investors shouldn’t panic––according to stock market analysts, the recent crash was normal profit-taking and portfolio rebalancing.

Could that also be the case with crypto, and the market will soon recover after what is a normal and healthy correction?

Is The Current Market Correction Healthy, Or A Sign Of A Deeper Drop Developing?

Across all markets this week, there’s been a massive selloff across the board. Among the hardest hit, were overvalued tech stocks and cryptocurrencies. The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 also slid, but nowhere near as violently.

Market sentime ... Read more »

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