Cyberian Mine overview

Cyberian Mine GmbH is a German-Russian joint venture cryptocurrency mining company. We grant access to Siberia’s extremely profitable mining conditions within a secure European business environment.

We offer a distinct competitive advantage thanks to one the lowest electricity price in the world generated by green hydro-power stations, with free natural cooling in Siberia’s low ambient temperature.

Marrying that with the region’s rock bottom operational costs, we offer an unbeatable profitability level for European mining.


Why Siberia is a great place to mine bitcoins

Electricity Price

The world’s lowest electricity costs offer an extreme advantage and exceptional ROI. As mining difficulty grows our clients will continue to generate profits, while others will have to quit mining or buy new gear.

A Green Future

Access to the largest soviet-built hydroelectric plants provides renewable energy with enormous GigaWatt-capacities available for future scaling. More than 12GW in the Irkutsk region alone.

Free Natural Cooling

Year-round low temperatures of Siberia mean no need for air conditioning or expensive cooling solutions. Optimal mining equipment conditions at lowest cost.

Low Operational Costs

Local lease costs allow for perfect mining conditions, with ample space for routine maintenance. The operational and facility support costs are 5-10 times lower than in Europe.


Our proximity to suppliers makes Irkutsk a logistically perfect spot for delivery, and support, from the major equipment producers in China. This lets us drastically minimize downtime.

Crypto-business Environment

Highly developed blockchain community due to the support of local legal authorities and access to a thriving crypto HR market. With an official Bitmain service center to provide seamless warranty and after-warranty support.


Safe and transparent

Fully compliant legal framework

developed with thу help of KPMG. German legal entity Cyberian Mine GmbH and fully owned Russian subsidiary company Cyberian Mine Rus LLC, owning and legally operating the mining equipment in Siberia.


Cyberian Mine is well known in the public space since its start in 2018. During this time our clients reached over 6000 of miners and almost 5MW of total power. Check out our history in our Blog, on Medium or Social media.

Not a cloud mining

From the foundation we are committed to full openness and clarity. Behind each miner on the platform there is a physical device with a serial number. No shady cloud models, only real equipment and auditable transparency.

What if your miner fails?

We cover all repair expenses and provide automatic backup reserve for the downtime. Guaranteed Hash Rate – 99% of miner model’s nominal value for as long as you use the device.

Full control

You have direct access to real time hashrate stats and payouts on the mining pool, you can pause or switch off your miner anytime.

Easy exit anytime

At any given moment you can sell your dedicated miner contract to another user on the platform through the internal automated marketplace.



Direct Delivery

Order your miners from the manufacturer, to our facilities

  • You handle logistics and customs
  • Minimum 100 units
  • Save on delivery with bigger orders
  • Save with your Bitmain coupons

Our goal is to make mining profitable for you at our facilities. We will work with you to reduce your costs as much as possible. The more machines you order via Direct Delivery, the more economic sense it makes. If you are only ordering one or two machines, we strongly suggest you opt for one of our preinstalled machines.

If you go for the Direct Delivery option, you will need pay for the machines themselves on the Bitmain website.

Once you’re machines arrive, you’ll get access to your dashboard on the mining pool, like this one.

We’ll send you pictures of your miners with your name on, and the serial numbers of your machines.

The reward is paid into your wallet, and we invoice you for your all-in fees of €0.06 kWh each month.

After one month of mining we will invoice you for the logistics costs from Hong Kong to our facilities in Siberia – don’t worry we’ll let you know exactly how much that will cost, before you place the order.

Hybrid Mining Platform

The miners are already installed in Siberia, ready for you to start through

- No middlemen
Mining revenues sent by pool directly to your wallet
- All-inclusive hosting fee 0.05€ / kWh
Compare with your price at home!
- Control your mining through advanced dashboard or directly on the mining pool
- All repairs and downtimes are covered by our backup reserve fund using Automatic Hot Swap
(99% hashrate guarantee)
- Marketplace to sell your unit whenever you want or buy profitably from other users


The miners are installed and ready to go. After ordering, mining will start at midnight UTC. Select a model and click Order.


Miners available to order from our suppliers. These miners are usually less expensive than the pre-installed ones, but they take some time to ship and install. Please note the delivery date for each model and batch. We take our commitment seriously and the delivery date is not just "expected". This is a Guaranteed Delivery Date. If, through the fault of the supplier or the transport company, the miner is delayed, in any case, we provide the nominal hash rate of the miner from our reserve pool on the specified date and cover the entire delay time.


Safe way to buy miner from other users. These offers are usually cheaper. All miners in Cybirian Mine come with a lifetime hot swap with a fixed nominal hash rate that is transferred to the new user upon sale. Miners of other users cannot be reserved, you must have sufficient funds on your balance to purchase. After the purchase, the funds are instantly credited to the seller's balance, the miner is transferred to the buyer's control, ready to start mining at midnight UTC.

Send your Machines

Benefit from our low cost energy with machines you already own.

  • You handle logistics and customs
  • Minimum 100 units
  • You cover delivery costs and risks
  • Reduce your margins & keep mining

Tell us your plans

Read the Hosting Agreement and make sure that you understand the costs of mining with us.

Tell us your name, email & how many machines you want to send, by filling in form. For BTC miners, the minimum is 10 units. All other miners, 100 units.

Wait for us to contact you with the logistics details, and to give you a Personal Reference number for the delivery.

Send your machines to us

We’ll help you every step of the way in delivering your machines to our facilities – but you will be responsible for the costs.

We’ll invoice you for the 20% Russian Import Tax that we will have to pay to receive them; calculated from the current value for your model.

We’ll install the machines

Once your machines arrive we’ll install them and you’ll get access to your dashboard on the mining pool.

We’ll send you pictures of your miners with your name on our racks.

The reward is paid into your wallet, and we invoice you for your electricity, facility costs and fees on the 1st of every month.


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