IQ cloud mining review

The IQ Mining brand provides a reliable cryptocurrency cloud mining service (an opportunity for investors to rent computing power for cryptocurrency mining). The company appeared in 2016, its legal address is tied to the Seychelles, but IQ Mining data centers are found in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

How smart mining works of the project IQmining

The primary feature of IQ Mining is the presence of a smart algorithm. This is a certain mechanism that allows the system to independently choose the most profitable currency at the moment and then use all the power purchased by the consumer for its production.

IQ Mining focuses on clients all over the world, which is confirmed by the multilingualism of the official website. Including the official resource translated into Russian. The IQ Mining company cooperates with 5 types of cryptocurrencies: Ethereum and Litecoin, Zcash, Monero and Dash.

The main factor affecting user income is hash volume. Also, income can be influenced by:

  • the presence of preferential or bonus conditions / programs;
  • system functioning algorithm;
  • financial management;
  • the cost of currency on exchanges.

IQ Mining provides purely fixed-term contracts for a period of 1 year. The most expensive will be the mining of digital currencies such as Litecoin and Dash. The most affordable way to work with Bitcoin mining.



Priority features and benefits of the project IQmining

There are several main advantages and three main disadvantages of IQ Mining.

Main advantages of the project IQmining:

The presence of a profitability calculator built into the system, which calculates the user's income for all algorithms, based on the amount of the deposit.
Numerous payment options - including a contract, you can purchase both for fiat and for different cryptocurrencies.
Quite high profitability with a competent selection of the contract. Comparing with other platforms, IQ Mining allows you to earn quite large sums in a short period of time.

Main disadvantages of the project IQmining:

lack of significant trust among potential clients in the company, which is influenced by a couple of factors: IQ Mining provides minimal legal information and is based in the Seychelles, which clearly does not inspire confidence;
investments do not always pay off, especially in the case of buying a contract for the production of unpopular currencies (a striking example is Dash);
the official website has a very low quality - a minimum of information about the company, there is no data on the equipment used for mining, the lack of a training system for new users (which competitors usually have) - such factors can reduce user confidence and negatively affect the company's reputation.

The only significant difference between IQ Mining and other similar services is the presence of a smart algorithm. In many other ways, the company is practically no different from others and causes distrust among some users due to the fact that it does not provide full legal information about itself.

Referral Program of the project IQmining


We are introducing the IQMining Referral Program. Now you can get 10% hashrate of all our
referred clients purchases. Refer your family members, friends, colleagues and earn extra cash!

Example: client purchased a contract worth $1000 - your commission will be $100.





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