ViaBTC: Supporting 360-day cloud BTC Spot Contract

Why ViaBTC? 

1. Spot Hashrate: No more waiting, you can start mining immediately after the payment;

2. Full amount of Hashrate: There'll be no running short of hashrate since it doesn't count on the facilities;

3. Blackouts Can’t Stop Mining: ViaBTC will take the risks once there's malfunction in miners or mining farms. Mining yields will not be affected.

4. Low Investment: No prepayment for electricity fee. You may purchase more hashrate with the same amount of money.


How to buy a cloud mining contract?

Only BTC is accepted as payment method. To make it more convenient for you, we recommend you to deposit BTC to your ViaBTC account in advance.

How to purchase: 

1. After your ViaBTC account is signed in, go straight to [Cloud Mining];

2. Click “Purchase" under “Pricing”;

3. After confirming the order details and payment method, check “I've read the terms and accepted ViaBTC Cloud Mining Terms of Service” and click “Confirm”;

4. Complete the payment in time;

5. When the payment is completed, the contract will come into effect in the next hour.


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1 boss   [Entry]
Surprisingly affordable, there is cloud mining "Via Btc", 2 TX / s for only $ 40, we have a contract.

The administration distributes the profit from cloud mining, and the cost of electricity, in its sole discretion.
In numbers, it looks like this.

At the end of the week, the total balance becomes ... almost $ 1.21)

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