Sesterce Cloud Mining rewiew

The company is headquartered in Marseille, France.
Sesterce's main goal is to provide its customers with the best mining products, including cloud mining, hosting and cloud mining rigs.
The company has a highly qualified support team of highly qualified professionals ready to answer all inquiries and questions.
The team is constantly working to adapt their work to the needs of customers and to technological innovations. 
Sesterce believes in a great future for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and strives to be the engine of growth for these technologies.


About Sesterce mining data centers

Sesterce Cloud Mining owns large mining data centers that guarantee optimal conditions for rigs in terms of safety, security and operation.
The company's experience is aimed at concluding contracts for the supply of electricity at prices below market prices.
The service team is working to significantly reduce energy consumption while maintaining the hash power of their rigs.

The company has the largest catalog of investment and mining services.
The Sesterce group emerged from the mergers and acquisitions of the largest European blockchain players. The main intention is to become a world leader and global player in the blockchain industry.


Mine with Sesterce

Start mining in 5 clicks, with the best worldwide cloud mining offer by Sesterce

The company offers a unique product that provides cloud mining of the most profitable cryptocurrencies.



  • One-time price of purchasing the contract
  • You do not need to upgrade your hardware
  • We guarantee 100% uptime and cover system downtimes
  • No excessive heatNo managing cost
  • You start mining immediately
  • Hardware is at a remote location, no rental fee
  • No cost of additional equipmentNo loud noise
  • No cost of coolingYou can get any type of hashing power in any quantity immediately



Check out the Sesterce Affiliate Program

Payments can be made in many cryptocurrencies

For every referral, you get 6% of the purchased cloud mining contracts and 3% for all another products of Sesterce Cloud Mining

The founds you made thanks to partners are accumulated on your account.

The user is not authentic if from his IP address there was already made a transaction during the last 3 months.

The browser does not pass the parameter to the address of the page from which the transition was made.

The partner is responsible of the security of the access (authentification data) to its account.

In all advertising systems or sites that use their services.

To duplicate your own account.

In mails.

On websites that publish list of sites with free bonuses.

On closed websites or closed groups like on social networks.


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