Arkonix is the only Swiss Company

Arkonix. Our Mission is helping you to be part of the next Financial Revolution

Danger!!! SCAM

Arkonix GMBH was born from the necessity to make sure that the majority of the Hashrate of various Cryptocurrency networks wouldn’t become centralized.

In order to achieve that we have been empowering people to become participants in maintaining the decentralized nature of Cryptocurrency, the Goals of which are:

  • Being able to Save and Invest Money, without losing Value over the Time

  • Becoming the Real Owner of your Assets

  • Contributing to the decentralized nature of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Based in a Fintech friendly Country, Switzerland, our Company has the Legal and Financial grounds to focus on delivering safe, secure and reliable services to our Clients.

We offer a unique flexible and user-friendly Crypto-Mining experience, focused on delivering the best Hashrate (Computing Power for Mining Coins) at the lowest cost at all times.

This process is achieved by a continuous effort on our side to optimize performance on all levels.

Danger!!! SCAM

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