Gominer Token Based Cloud Mining

Gominer Cloud Mining

Danger!!! SCAM

With Gominer Cloud Mining Platform you can benefit the following compared using other Cloud Mining Company

✔️ Cheap Yearly Hashing Contracts

✔️ Free 14 Days Electricity Fees

✔️ Pay as you go System ( Electricity Base )

✔️ Profitable even if expired contract

✔️ Transparent Data

✔️ Diversify Mining (Multi Miner)

✔️ Volatility Protection

✔️ Instant Activation

✔️ Instant Approval of Outgoing & Incoming Asset

✔️ Realtime Mining Rewards

✔️ Overclock Free for everyone

Danger!!! SCAM

GM Dashboard design for Multialgorithm Mining

The dashboard is designed to be user friendly in managing users activities and finances. Graphical presentation of all transactions and records are shown to the users for transparency.

  • Percentage of current mining allocation.
  • Linear graph of daily earning.
  • Control Panel for all users settings.
  • Real time mining data of hashrate and users token vault.
  • Users rig's wattage and temperature information.
  • Social media platform dedicated to Gominer community.
  • Global timeline with users activities.
  • User's wallet analytic information.

Danger!!! SCAM

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