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Canadian Cloud Mining Powerhouse Nuvoo Revolutionizes Cloud Mining Industry with a Month to Month Contract and 50% Cheaper Rates!

Nuvoo, the largest crypto ecosystem mining company in Canada, is now taking giant strides towards emerging as the world’s leading platform for convenient and profitable cryptocurrency mining.
The company has just released new bitcoin contract that will completely change the game in the industry of cloud mining with a month to month concept based on a 24 month payment for an open ended contract.

Danger!!! SCAM

October 16, 2018

One of the most trusted crypto mining companies around the world, Nuvoo proudly announces the release of new bitcoin contract that promise to have a significant impact in the global crypto space.
With these new contracts backed by the latest ASIC technology, Nuvoo has already started offering a low pricing structure to challenge the likes Genesis, Hashflare, and other competitors. The company
claims that their Bitcoin mining rates are currently 50% cheaper including a lower maintenance fee compared to Genesis Mining.

With the launch of this new contract, NUVOO becomes the first company ever to offer customers the benefit of making payment in as many as twenty-four installments. For example, someone purchasing
a 3000$ contract from NUVOO will enjoy the privilege of paying $125 for twenty-four months. This creates an opportunity for the Nuvoo customers to get large contract for lower monthly payment
and allows the market to grow in a bullish way.

With a bitcoin mining system that is ideally suited for the beginners, Nuvoo offers a smart and easy way for the crypto hobbyists to take their first step into the crypto world. At the same time,
their system has been used with great satisfaction by crypto experts and entrepreneurs to operate large scale mining farms. As part of their rapid diversification drive, the company will
soon be launching their own cryptocurrency exchange.

“We have the most advanced platform to manage cloud mining activity with the most efficient affiliate plan. The time has come for the world to know that Nuvoo is a far more stable crypto
mining platform compared to Genesis, tipped by many to be the world’s largest cloud mining company,” said Mr. LeBlanc, the Founder and CEO, Nuvoo. “Now, with our new bitcoin contract in place,
our pricing is around 50% less than the price of Genesis mining and the maintenance fee is lower than any competitors as a Canadian mining farm.”

Danger!!! SCAM

Leveraging the excellent infrastructure and favorable climatic conditions in Quebec, Canada, Nuvoo currently owns and operates more than ten world-class datacenters catering to thousands
of customers around the world. Crypto enthusiasts have put their trust on Nuvoo because they offer one of the safest and most transparent ecosystems for the crypto miners.
In order to provide the best contract price to the customers, they never make any profit on mining equipment. The customers buy fixed hashpower contract provided directly from the one of the
largest state- of- the- art ASIC mining farms owned and operated by Nuvoo.

Unlike other competitors, Nuvoo emphasizes on lower mining costs and use of greener energy. This is possible because a high percentage of electricity in Quebec is generated from hydroelectric dams.
The cooling costs are also lower because the region remains significantly cold for a considerable part of the year.

Danger!!! SCAM

Nuvoo attributes their strong position in the market to the company’s special relationship with Energy provider and several municipalities in Quebec, enterprise that manages the generation,
transmission, and distribution of electricity in Quebec. In January this year, Nuvoo was invited to a special event Presented by Hydro-Quebec, as a guest panelist in order to represent the blockchain community.

Bitcoin Mining contracts from Nuvoo are open ended, and payouts are generated on a daily basis with the withdrawal limit set at 0.0020 BTC. To provide miners an idea about the earning potential of each mining plan,
there is also an efficient mining calculator in the company’s website provided by Cryptocompare, a neutral third party.

Nuvoo and its parent company is about to launch its own EXCHANGE, fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto solutions. The company can’t wait to finally provide a safe ecosystem to their clients.

About Nuvoo: Nuvoo is a cryptocurrency mining powerhouse that focuses on offering cost effective solutions to cryptocurrency hobbyists and professionals. Their philosophy is to enroll the best
leaders in the cryptocurrency industry and to have them available to the community. The company specializes in hosting high-density computer hardware requiring substantial access to both power and cooling.


Danger!!! SCAM

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