Registration on the HitBTC exchange

To register your own account, you need to enter information such as:

  • Email;
  • a unique password (at least 6 characters, including 1 number and an uppercase letter).

Next, a letter will be sent to the specified email address with instructions to verify the address.

Account verification

To replenish and withdraw funds in foreign currency, the client needs to go through verification. But even without this action, it is possible to use the HitBTC service. However, in this situation, a purely cryptocurrency will be available for input and output.

To pass the verification, you must provide the following data: full name; country of residence; date of birth; address; scans of documents and some other stuff.

Exchange interface

The interface on HitBTC is as simple and intuitive as possible, the priority sections are presented on the control panel:

1.Exchange. In this section, you can trade.

2. Account | Deposit. Here, deposits are made, money is requested for withdrawal, or funds are transferred from the main account to the trading account.

3. Reports. The history of orders, deals and payments is stored here.

4. Markets. This is an overview of the markets.

5. Dashboard - Your trade balance and approximate value (the sum of all assets whose balances are converted into one currency using the rate on the last trade) will be shown here.

6. Three buttons - setting up an account, choosing a color scheme (night and day), exit.

7. Try Demo. Introductory demo mode for a more thorough acquaintance with the site.

How to deposit and withdraw money from your account

The cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC provides several ways to deposit and withdraw funds. Among them, it is worth highlighting: the main cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DASH and others); SWIFT payments for dollars; SEPA for Euro.

Trade cryptocurrency on the HitBTC exchange

You have replenished the wallet for the required amount and now you can go to the "Exchange" section. The HitBTC exchange allows you to trade various cryptocurrencies. Among them it is worth highlighting: Bitcoin; Ethereum; Zcash; Litecoin; Dash and others.

A chart will immediately open in front of us, and to the right of it is a set of all available cryptocurrencies. A trader can independently create a buy or sell order or close an existing position. To create an offer, you need to lower it a little lower and two blocks will appear in front of the user:

  • Buy;
  • Sale.

Below them is the order book. Before creating your offer, you should read them. You may be able to find a suitable offer. All successful transactions are publicly available. The user can find out the time, price and amount of the purchased or sold cryptocurrency.

For orders that are executed immediately, the HitBTC exchange charges a commission of 0.1%. In other cases, the commission is 0.01%.

Types of orders available to the trader

market (the best price at the time of placing the order will be selected);

limit (the order will be executed only at the price set by us);

scalable (this is a set of several orders).

good-Till-Canceled - valid until completion or cancellation;

immediate-Or-Cancel - must be executed immediately, but if part of the order cannot be executed now, then it is simply canceled;

fill-Or-Kill - must be executed immediately in full, otherwise the entire order is canceled, partial execution of the order is not allowed;

day - the order is automatically canceled if it is not executed on the day it was placed (the day ends at 00:00 UTC);

good-Till-Date / Time - the order is automatically canceled at the specified date and time.

Turn on "Stop" if we need it, and the order will be triggered as soon as the price reaches a certain value. Below we set the number of coins required for a purchase and press the “Buy Limit” button.

Commissions for this trade will be visible above the button:

  • 0.1% for immediate execution;
  • 0.01% for an order that will not be executed immediately.

Site security

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, you need to pay special attention to security. If third parties can enter the office and withdraw all the money to their account, they are unlikely to be returned. The cryptocurrency exchange offers several additional features that will improve account security.

Automatic logout. If the user does not show any activity on the site for a long time, he is automatically thrown out of the account. You can set different time intervals. In addition, there is a separate button "Terminate all session". It is useful for those cases when the user entered their personal account from other people's devices.

Two-factor authentication. A password is the simplest protection method that hackers can easily bypass using malware. HitBTC suggests enabling Google Two-Factor Authentication to log into your account, withdraw funds and change settings on your account.

Activity. The user can always view from which devices and from where they entered their personal account. If you see someone else's IP address, you should immediately change the password and close all sessions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HitBTC

A fairly large number of platforms similar to HitBTC operate on the cryptocurrency market, so there is always something to compare with. Summing up, I would like to highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of this platform.

Among the main advantages of HitBTC, attention should be paid to: a large number of pairs; the ability to deposit and withdraw in fiat currencies; the ability to trade without verification; the proper level of security; long period of work.

Among the main disadvantages: lack of a wide range of languages; inability to replenish an account or withdraw money in euros; lack of a mobile trading application; a significant lag in terms of trading volume from the leaders in the field of cryptocurrency exchange.

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