Huobi crypto exchange was founded by Chinese developers. Leon Lee, after working long enough at Oracle, decided to start his own project. In the spring of 2013, he bought the domain. In the summer, we managed to launch a working platform, although it is still in test mode. After checking all the mechanisms in the fall, the site began full-fledged work.

In the same year, the project attracted the attention of many large funds; word of the exchange spread in the cryptocurrency community. Funds such as Dai Zhikang and Zhen were the first to invest large sums. Already in 2014, the crypto exchange received the first money from the institutional investor Sequoia Capital - USD 10 million. With the growing popularity of the exchange in the world, its trade turnover increased, which by 2016 reached the psychologically important mark of 1 trillion yuan, which is equivalent to $ 144 billion. By the end of the year, trade exceeded $ 250 billion.

The exchange is in the cryptocurrencies business for a long time and it is named in one of the initial exchanges in the world. Huobi secured investments from well-known names in the venture capital industry like Sequoia. The organization employed more than 1,300 talented people around the globe to run its operations in over 130 countries.

How to register and go through verification
Registering on the exchange is as easy as on other similar platforms. Difficulties can arise when passing verification. This procedure is implemented quite inconveniently, you should be careful when checking personal data.

When you register, you will automatically receive a message from the exchange by email. You will need to follow the link from the letter to activate your profile. During registration, you should indicate real information, because the exchange has a serious control system. Most likely, the site's security service will not confirm the profile with fake data.

Huobi requires the following information:

telephone number,
passport data (full name, passport number, date of birth, etc.),
Bank details.

As usual, to confirm the passport data, you will need to take a photo along with the expanded passport main page. Photos should be of high quality without any traces of Photoshop. Name, date of birth and other data must be distinguishable. In addition, you will have to send scans of all passport pages to the support service. The phone number is confirmed as standard via SMS.

Huobi Global Benefits
Here are some of the many benefits, why should you choose Huobi?

Over 6 years of experience in digital assets since 2013
Fixed commission of 0.20% and discount when storing Huobi token
Choose from 200+ cryptocurrencies
Payment by credit card possible
App for iOS and Android
Trade with 5x leverage
24/7 local support
Huobi offers a decentralized structure and protection against denial of service attacks. Plus, more than 98% of his funds are held in tiered secure cold wallets.

What digital currencies can you trade on Huobi?
In 2013, only Bitcoin and Litecoin could be traded on the site. Over time, the capabilities of the crypto exchange have expanded significantly. Today, nearly 300 digital currencies can be traded on Huobi, according to CoinMarketCap data. The top cryptocurrencies are traditionally bitcoins, ethereums, EOS, XRP, litecoin and the exchange's own coin, Huobi Token. The most popular type of trading on the exchange is buying and selling digital currencies for the USDT stablecoin. It is quite easy to profit from BTC / USDT or ETH / USDT using auto trading tools.

The crypto exchange's own token Huobi Token (HT) is developed based on Ethereum technology according to the ERC-20 standard. With its help, it is convenient to pay exchange commissions, and HT also allows you to become a member of the exchange's VIP club.

To date, approximately 0.5 billion Huobi tokens are circulating in circulation. The HT price has been steadily increasing throughout 2019 and has now nearly hit the $ 5 mark.

Crypto exchange Huobi allows users to apply three types of orders:

Market - allows you to buy and sell digital currencies at the market price.
Limit - makes it possible to set the desired price if you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency.
Stop-Limit - allows you to fix your profit or loss. The user can use the insurance order to close the trade automatically when the previously set targets are reached.

How to deposit and withdraw funds
Until 2017, the crypto exchange supported the withdrawal of money in fiat, but after the ban of the Chinese authorities and the move to South Korea, the withdrawal in dollars and yuan was abolished. Now all transactions on the exchange are performed only in digital currencies. This is why, as we said above, USDT is used for trading - a stable cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar.

You can withdraw funds from your account on the exchange using the Balances toolkit. To replenish your account, you need to transfer digital currencies to the address specified in the settings of your personal account.

You can withdraw any cryptocurrencies, including the rarest ones. However, it should be borne in mind that different commissions are set for each digital currency on the exchange.

It is easiest for beginners to buy digital currencies using the Huobi OTC platform. It can be used to pay in national currencies, dollars, euros, rubles, etc.

Commission size
Although a huge number of trading pairs and many other trading options (auto trading, margin trading, etc.) are available on the Huobi crypto exchange, the site has a simple commission system. The seller and the buyer pay 0.2% each.

At the same time, the commissions for trading the internal token of the HT exchange will be lower - this is the so-called "support system". As we wrote above, the owners of the platform tokens can join the VIP club and reduce the commission for conducting operations. There are five levels of membership, on the first level the commissions are reduced by 10%, and on the fifth - by all 50%! In other words, depending on the level of membership, commissions will range from 0.18% to 0.1%.

How the security of trading on the exchange is maintained
The security of trading on the crypto exchange is maintained using a multi-level system. There are several types of accounts with different protection options:

Linking an account to email is considered the most vulnerable to hacks. All accounts have it by default.
Protection using a phone number is a fairly standard option that Internet banking users are used to. To log into your account, you must enter the code from the SMS.
The highest level of protection is provided by Google Authenticator. This application allows you to use two-step verification on your smartphone, which requires you to enter not only a password, but also a confirmation code.

If you have any problems, we recommend that you contact the support specialists. Unfortunately, Huobi employees do not speak Russian. You can communicate with them in either Chinese or English.

You can contact the service by phone, email, Telegram and using the application form on the website. Service workers usually respond after a few days. Huobi users generally appreciate the work of the support service, note the courtesy of employees and their desire to always understand the situation.

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