The exchange offers one of the largest selection of trading pairs in the world, offering the ability to trade over 430 trading pairs. In addition, the exchange claims to have the most advanced API on the market at its disposal. The figure shows some of the other advantages of the site, which the KuCoin exchange itself claims:

It should be noted that the exchange also has so-called KuCoin Shares (KCS), that is, its own cryptocurrency. If you are a KuCoin Shares holder, you can receive cryptocurrency dividends daily. Discounts on trading fees and even lower withdrawal fees may also apply to you. According to the exchange, KCS holders also receive exclusive promotions, offers and awards from the exchange.

KuCoin trading window
All exchanges have a different trading interface. Therefore, there is no concept of "best trading window". It is up to you to determine which trading window suits you best. The common thing in the trading interface of the exchanges is that they all show the order book or at least a part of it, the price chart with the selected cryptocurrencies and history. They usually also have buy and sell blocks. Before choosing an exchange for yourself, familiarize yourself with its trading interface to determine if you are comfortable working with it. Below you can see an image of the KuCoin exchange trading window:

Affiliate program
Like most other exchanges, KuCoin has its own affiliate program. Not only do you get a share of the new profits from the invited users, but you also get a share of the users who invite those you invite. What's more, you earn referral invite invitee income! Thus, we are seeing a 3-tier affiliate system. For users invited by you personally, you get 20%. For second-level users - 12%. For third-level users - 8%. Referral bonuses are awarded daily.

KuCoin fees
KuCoin Trading Fees
This trading platform does not charge different commissions for takers and makers. This fee model is called the “Fixed Fee Model”. KuCoin offers a flat trading commission of 0.10%, which is less than the industry average. Opinions vary as to the industry average commission rate, but we would say it is "roughly 0.25%."

KuCoin withdrawal fees
Many cryptocurrency exchanges have attractive trading fees, but later hit high withdrawal fees. But this is not about this exchange. KuCoin charges a fee of 0.0004 BTC for withdrawing BTC. This figure is less than the industry figure.

Overall, trading and withdrawal fees are highly competitive compared to most of the other top cryptocurrency exchanges on the market.

Deposit Methods
Previously, KuCoin accepted deposits exclusively in cryptocurrencies and did not accept deposits of fiat currencies. Accordingly, new crypto investors could not trade here. However, on July 4th, 2019, KuCoin exchange allows fiat currency deposits. This became possible thanks to the collaboration with Simplex. This allows Binance users to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple using their Visa or MasterCard credit cards. However, this deposit method is not available for countries included in the sanctions lists (such as Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya), as well as residents of the following six US states: New York, Connecticut, Washington, New Mexico, AND USA Hawaii.

Simplex charges a 3.5% commission for each trade. Therefore, if you want to buy bitcoin for $ 10,000, Simplex takes a commission of $ 350 (plus a minimum flat fee of $ 10).

However, KuCoin bank transfer funding is still not available.

KuCoin security
Most cryptocurrency exchanges store a lot of valuable personal information. From names to addresses, government credentials, tax identification numbers and more. More importantly, exchanges handle a lot of cash or crypto deposits. If, from a security standpoint, your exchange is vulnerable to attacks, then this means that your deposits of crypto and fiat currencies on such an exchange may also be vulnerable to attacks.

Mobile applications for Android and iOS

The exchange team has developed software for iOS and Android. The creators promised to do this during the ICO and kept their word. Owners of phones with other operating systems should not despair - the mobile version of the site is perfect for work. You need to go through the browser of your smartphone to the official website of the exchange in order to perform all kinds of financial transactions, as well as transactions on the resource. The site is perfectly adapted for mobile devices and you won't have any problems using it.


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I love trading on the KuCoin exchange! There is a huge assortment of currency pairs, respectively, and options for earning!

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