Ternion provides stock and margin trading options so that any client can get the most out of their profits. Margin requirements start at $ 100 for 1 Bitcoin, meaning you only need $ 100 to open one Bitcoin position. Read more about margin requirements below.

1) Simple registration

To register on the platform, you just need to enter your email address on the Ternion home page or in the "registration" section.

2) High security

All your digital asset deposits or trading on Ternion will be securely stored in your cold wallet. This guarantees the high security of your cryptocurrency and the absence of account hacking.

3) Exchange and margin trading

Margin trading is trading without actually providing an asset, using leverage, as opposed to trading with an asset (exchange). With Ternion, you can combine these 2 types of trading on one account and on one platform.

4) Discount system

Maker traders are encouraged on the platform to increase the liquidity reserve, therefore they are paid 0.03% of the executed limit order.

In addition, Taker traders are offered an extremely low commission - only 0.08% of the volume for Stop and Market orders. Which is pretty beneficial. As a result, Ternion has the tightest spreads as many traders place their limit orders within the spread.

Overview of homepage tools
Looking at the main page of the trading platform https://ternion.exchange/ru, you can see what it offers to its users.

On the main page of the exchange, you can immediately see its feature (profile of activity) - it is exchange and margin trading in cryptocurrencies with the possibility of exchanging Fiat.

The main platform menu:
• Exchange - go to the trading terminal. We'll look at it a little later.

• Invite! Is an affiliate program. You can invite referrals to the platform and receive bonuses for this from 25 to 40% of the commission paid by your referrals.

Tariffs - information about commissions and discounts.

• For professionals - the platform is ready to cooperate with professional traders, crypto brokers, hedge funds, cryptocurrency exchanges and other professional market participants. They offer a wide range of solutions and collaboration options, including new coin listings.

12 languages are supported, including Russian, English, Estonian, Chinese and others.
The most popular trading pairs listed on the exchange and changes in their rates.

At the end of the main page, there is a footer that provides basic information:
Information - about the company, referral program, news, information about security, commissions, offers for professionals.
Trading - articles on exchange and margin trading, specs are lists of all trading pairs available for trading, and you can read the API information here.

Legal information - all accompanying documentation: rules, terms of use, privacy policy, etc. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the documentation from this section.
Support - answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ), contacts for contacting the company and listing of coins.
Links to the social networks of the exchange.

It is worth noting that, unlike many other exchanges, Ternion does not deceive its users and over time does not underestimate payments for the referral program. Therefore, you will receive profit from each invited user every time he performs any trading operation on the Ternion exchange.

Affiliate program advantages:
You earn at least 25% commission from Taker
Referred friends receive a 20% discount on Taker commissions for the first 3 months, which motivates new users to trade on this particular exchange!
You get guaranteed, instant and high payouts straight to your trading account.

There are 3 levels of reward:

Beginner - You get 25%
Advanced - you get 30% after you reach the € 8,000 threshold in commissions
Premium - you get 40% after you reach the threshold of € 25,000 in commissions

Why should you pay attention to setting up a trading terminal?

An intuitive interface will allow you to react faster to market changes. Especially if you customize it for yourself and your trading system.

This is possible because Ternion has tools, indicators and pointers that you can adapt for yourself. They will undoubtedly help you create your own personal trading strategy that allows you to make money.

Crypto-exchange Ternion is a reliable and modern financial partner. The platform not only protects your funds by providing excellent opportunities for exchange and trading (exchange and margin trading), but also supports its clients (low commissions, payments to makers, a profitable affiliate program).

The presence of responsive technical support and a simple interface will allow even beginners to make money selling cryptocurrency. We recommend using the services of the Ternion exchange, as this is one of the few reliable platforms of our time.


There is not enough information about the company on the official website.

A beautiful and convenient trading platform.
The presence of a bonus and referral program.
News portal with relevant and contemporary topics.
Good reputation on the internet.
Fast withdrawal of funds.
Availability of margin trading.
Low fees.



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